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  1. @andrewilley hi, sorry for the delayed response. I've been quite sick for a while. I had already checked the file names against the m3u file path. Everything is as it should be. The file path contains these characters () but there are multiple songs within this same file path that are all recognised by pa. The song is recognised by pa's folder view. If I recreate the playlist with all the same songs pa will recognise the relevant song file at first, but eventually it just stops showing it in the m3u. I have the exact same library file structure & m3u's mirrored over the cloud to my pc, which is able to recognise the song file with no problems. I honestly cannot think of a single reason why this is happening.
  2. @andrewilley I understand this, but it would render my entire system of cloud synced playlists redundant, which is not a viable option for me. I never plan on altering the m3u files through Poweramp. I copy them to internal playlists for editing purposes then I use an external playlist manager to export these playlists as relative path m3u files. As you say fixing the "rewrite after only viewing issue" will solve this issue for me. Aside from the intermittent duplication of songs in playlists bug, which is also a big hindrance to my system. Unfortunately it's all seeming like I'm just going to be stuck undoing poweramps inbuilt playlist management systems for various reasons... Just noticed that a select few songs are consistently ignored when added to playlists, which is doing my head in. I've verified the file names are accurate & they aren't read only. Poweramp will play the songs manually, but acts like they're nonexistant when reading from the playlists. Also verified that these songs are read perfectly well in other music apps, so again I'm very confused by this. Poweramp is my favourite Android music option in many regards, but man is it causing me a lot of excess library curation, which just isn't an existing issue in any other app I've tried. Tom
  3. My ideal would be to add the option to disable Poweramp ability to change m3u files. When creating or altering a playlist I create a new Poweramp playlist & then export it to m3u, so I never want Poweramp to alter my m3us anyway. This would solve both of the problems I have mentioned
  4. @andrewilley yes, the rewrite is definitely caused by selecting tracks within the playlist. I recreated the issue several times doing your test. It's unfortunate as I regularly use this feature & As you said it wouldn't be a problem except I rely on having relative paths for use across various devices. Sadly making the card read only isn't a viable option for me. I have a cloud sync app set up to sync my playlists and library between said devices... I wonder if adding a toggle feature to stop Poweramp making changes to m3u's would be possible, though I'm worried that it would be such a low priority that the effort wouldn't seem worth it to the dev crew. The duplicates at the end of m3u's is also seeming to be happening as you said. Multiple changes & rescanning being the cause. the library size does appear to be irrelevant. I think my "read only toggle" suggestion might solve this as well. At least I know why these issues occur. Thank you for the help.
  5. @andrewilley so, I've done some testing, & Poweramp will sometimes rewrite playlists to absolute paths if I Add a playlist to the queue. It also will ad duplicates of songs from the end of a playlist if it does a playlist rescan. Maybe this is due to the music being on a 512gb Microsd... I have a roughly 450gb MP3 library. I'm considering that the library is more cumbersome than Poweramp can handle. Sometimes it will suddenly not see any music in certain folders if I add more music to an adjacent folder. I'm absolutely certain that these issues are not caused by me altering the playlists myself. I hope this is useful info. I would dearly love to solve these annoyances.
  6. I'd really like to avoid accidentally altering my m3u files in Poweramp. Any editing I do is through Poweramp native playlists, which I then export to m3u. This feature will avoid altering my relative path lists, among other complications. Please consider adding this feature. It would save me a lot of extra effort in regularly fixing accidental complications to my cloud synced playlists that I use across my phone & my 2 PC's.
  7. @flyingdutchman hi, I was using this app for a while, & it was great, but it's become broken on my galaxy note 9 & sadly I've had to move over to manually doing the same job.
  8. @andrewilley I am aware of this function, but the m3u's get changed when I just play them. If any changes were made it's definitely been by accident. It may well be that I accidentally cause a change to the file that is rewriting the playlists to absolute paths, but I am being increasingly careful to avoid this. Also some playlists just add the last few tracks to the end again, which is definitely not something I'm doing. I've attatched a file showing the duplicates being added at the end of the list. I'm prepared to accept that I'm causing these complications. Another thing is that I've been using relative paths because I've got a cloud sync to musicbee on my home media pc. So I really need to keep my current structure. Ideally, for my needs I'd like to have a read only function added to Poweramp for the m3u files, as I only intend to alter playlists created by Poweramp, & then I rewrite them to relative paths manually. Once I've done this I would much prefer for Poweramp to refuse any changes made to the playlists. I can always copy the tracks to a new PA playlist, which I then export & do my manual alterations & save the resulting file 2021 rhyme.m3u
  9. My relative path m3u Playlists are regularly being changed to absolute path names, &/or having a bunch of track listings at the end duplicated. At this stage its cost me hours of manually rewriting the erroneous playlists.
  10. Would it be worth making it a paid extra? I use it really regularly. Maybe just add an entry for crossfade in the settings popup - see attached Better yet, just add an option to have customizable shortcuts from settings in the settings popup eg: queue options, headset options, & of course crossfade. This way anyone who regularly changes one particular aspect cah add a settings entry to the popup. Any little way to reduce the number of steps it takes to reach the crossfade settings. Cheers Tom
  11. Ahh, apologies. I completely blanked out on actually checking the settings. All is as you say, & shuffle is working. Cheers Tom
  12. I've found a glitch with shuffle in the queue. Currently the queu will ignore shuffle and just go down the list as normal. I use the queue shuffle combo alot & it's been frustrating loosing this function.
  13. I go between crossfading & no crossfading very regularly. It's really frustrating having the options for this hidden away in settings. Ideally I'd like an auto crossfade toggle in the main UI with a crossfade length slider
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