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  1. ToG

    Crossfade ui

    Would it be worth making it a paid extra? I use it really regularly. Maybe just add an entry for crossfade in the settings popup - see attached Better yet, just add an option to have customizable shortcuts from settings in the settings popup eg: queue options, headset options, & of course crossfade. This way anyone who regularly changes one particular aspect cah add a settings entry to the popup. Any little way to reduce the number of steps it takes to reach the crossfade settings. Cheers Tom
  2. Ahh, apologies. I completely blanked out on actually checking the settings. All is as you say, & shuffle is working. Cheers Tom
  3. I've found a glitch with shuffle in the queue. Currently the queu will ignore shuffle and just go down the list as normal. I use the queue shuffle combo alot & it's been frustrating loosing this function.
  4. I go between crossfading & no crossfading very regularly. It's really frustrating having the options for this hidden away in settings. Ideally I'd like an auto crossfade toggle in the main UI with a crossfade length slider
  5. The crossfade feature is currently in a sub-menu of the settings page, which makes it awkward to access. It would be much more practical to use if it was more prominent. Eg: grouping it with the shuffle & random toggles In the widgets and the main interface of the app.
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