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  1. Stonedowner

    Chromecast casting not working

    Chromecast now working for me. Thanks for the fix 😀
  2. Stonedowner

    Chromecast casting not working

    Will look forward to that. Peter
  3. Stonedowner

    Chromecast casting not working

    It's 62. Peter
  4. Stonedowner

    Chromecast casting not working

    Did this ever get resolved? Having the same problem casting to a Sony SRS ZR7. Casting stops after 20s. Doesn't mater if it's playing music or not. Peter
  5. Stonedowner

    Tidal Streaming ???

    This would be nice. To be able to add a album from Tidal so when it's played it's either streamed or the download file is played. I would like that 😊
  6. Stonedowner

    Multiple Discs

    Could I ask for 2 features please. Firstly, when the disc tag is used for multiple discs have an option to treat multiple discs as one disc or individual discs. Secondly, when in Album view have a list option to sort via Album Artist. Thanks
  7. I'm not sure it is sorting by albums artist. I have a compilation consisting of 3 cd's. The album artist field is set to "Various Artists" Each CD is displayed once under a random artist. This is while in the Album view of the Library.
  8. Select the cog wheel then select lists
  9. Do you know how to get to the lost options screen?
  10. Stonedowner

    Recently Added

    Currently the Recently Added list show tracks recently added. Is there anyway this could be configured to show recently added albums? Yes I still listed to albums :-)
  11. I could be wrong but I don't think there is an option to sort by Album Artist in Album view. Only Artist. There is a setting in Lists called Join Albums which stops separate albums being show for different artists in the Album view. Only down side is the entire album is listed under one of the artists on the compilation. It would be nice if there was an option to list by Album Artist so that compilations could be listed under "Various Artists".
  12. Stonedowner

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Thanks for the update. Just a couple of things. I've had a couple of crashes this morning when viewing the library. Logs have been sent. I was in the Album view changing the sort order. Would it be possible to add Album Artist to the sort order options in the Album list. Mainly due to compilations. Also the recently added list. This is set to songs. Would it be possible to set to albums. I must be one of the few people left who still listens to Music by albums ?