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  1. First they don't understand what lossless means, then they don't understand the range of human hearing. No doubt they are using $10 apple earphones for these claims as well. I give up. keep playing your HD files, I'm sure your dog will love it, hes the only one that's gonna hear any difference.
  2. Yup, tested it myself on a copy of Muse - The 2nd Law yesterday, HD FLAC vs 320k mp3 and I could not tell the difference on a pair of HD600 with an ODAC and o2 amp (and I have decent hearing), which is hardly super high end but still more than the vast majority are going to be using. I wasn't even comparing it to a standard flac. I have a pair of JHA Roxanne's coming today and was going to see if I could tell the difference with those but didn;t even bother in the end, just deleted the HD flac (which was a ridiculous 1.2gb). I believe on SOME tracks you can tell the difference between 320k mp3 and a standard flac but not on most of them (and I just spent ages swapping my 320k mp3's for flacs and testing them) and I doubt you could tell the difference with a HD flac at all. Most people probably make the mistake of not normalising the volume with replaygain to get the 2 tracks the same volume, without doing that you have no chance of trying to tell the difference anyway. Their second mistake is probably using bad flacs or mp3's to compare (i.e. fake ones that are not the correct bitrate), use Spek to help make sure they are real first.
  3. Either you are having a laugh, or it was a typo and you actually meant 2 weeks of design not 2 years. It does NOT take 2 years (or anything remotely close to it) to faff about with the interface of an android app, no matter what you are doing with it.
  4. me too, the current alpha interface is very good, at this rate i wont even WANT the beta if it ever comes into existance.
  5. Not necessarily, it might be soon, as long as you class "soon" as some time within the next 15 years
  6. Oh well if that's what they voted for. Style over substance. If that screenshot really is the new interface, my god whats he been doing for all that time, its hideous! I really like the current 704 interface and it's the only thing that is making this a toss up between Neutron and Poweramp because I think Neutron probably has the best sound (consistently rated the best among audiophiles as far as I can tell) and certainly has more advanced sound options, if it had a half decent interface to go with it then it would be no contest. If the Poweramp interface goes backwards from what we have in 704 then it will be no contest. That's whats irritating me at the moment, I want either a decent interface for Neutron, or better sound from Poweramp, and it sounds like I'm not going to get either
  7. Personally I don't know why hes faffing about with the interface (which sound's like what is being worked on for most of the last 18 months). It is clearly a case of trying to fix something that obviously isn't broken and everyone knows what that results in almost every time!! Everyone knows Poweramp has just about the best interface of these music player apps, what it needs is not messing about with the interface, it's more sound output work to get it up to the level of Neutron, which ironically really REALLY needs a new interface. When I play stuff on my phone, I do not sit there staring lovingly at the screen for hours on end like a zombie, 95% of the time the screen is off and my phone is either on the desk or in my pocket. Since the interface is already very good, what I am interested in is anything that can improve the sound even further, which will help 100% of the time that I am using the app, I am not interested in messing with the interface which firstly will probably make it worse, and secondly even if it's the best new interface the world has ever seen, it will only affect me 5% of the time because the rest of the time the screen will be off anyway! I had a look at some of the eq plugins and they look really good.....but i turned them all back off again after a few mins because 1: they cant be good for battery life and 2: the phone screen is usually going to be off anyway. Seriously if Max is spending all this time focusing on the interface then hes spending his time in completely the wrong place!
  8. I have been researching android music players (have only used blackplayer previously which is nice but can only use the built in audio decoder which limits it and means I cant use replaygain to normalise the volumes) and the general consensus seems to be that Neutron sounds the best of all players and Poweramp a close second. I couldn't tell the difference in my own testing (with flacs on my S8+) but there are so many options in Neutron I may have missed something (I did max out everything related to max quality though and never use any EQ) or it might be that they were all comparing neutron to Poweramp 2 and perhaps 3 sounds a lot better and is now on par with neutron, I dont know as I have never tried Poweramp 2. Neutron certainly seems more customisable and has more options relating to sound output. But like you say, the interface is ridiculous. It has the most clunky unfriendly hard to use interface I have ever seen in an app, and its been like it for years. I reckon half of poweramps users are probably Neutron users that can't stand the interface . My main issue with Poweramp is that it seems to have been a loooong time since the last update (9 months at least for v2? and even longer for v3!?) while Neutron is at least being constantly updated.
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