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  1. I've flown about a dozen times and tried to replicate this issue, but I couldn't. That said, before I posted here, I deleted the data & cache within Android settings, so perhaps that's worth a shot for anyone else with the issue.
  2. It does. I would think so too, but unfortunately, it's not working that way. Since I have multiple flights, I'll try a few scenarios, with and without a reboot.
  3. I don't normally shut the device down, so I don't know that it's reboot related. I'm flying today and tomorrow so I'll test to be certain. (Google play license key as well.)
  4. This is happening on a regular basis to me too. I'll be in airplane mode and the player will suddenly demand to check its license. It's pretty infuriating to be mid-flight and lose access to the app. Stock HTC 10 on Android 7.0.
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