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  1. @andrewilley I can confirm what Chris said. Every file says "failed to play" and keeps skipping through files to play a song. Only starts playing when the rescan is complete. When I click tag info it doesn't show anything. Each space is empty. What is weird is some songs have album art and playlists too, and this is during the rescan process. Not sure if this is because some artwork is embedded and some are from the cache system. Also, if I open up PA after 10 minutes I still have the same issues.
  2. @andrewilley I am not too sure if I want to mess with my folders in PA or in my phone by renaming or messing with the directory. I had to do more than a few adjustments, possibly lucky ones, to get my PA to read my files correctly. All I know is that I believe PA is having some issue getting access to the SD card immediately after a reboot. Its as if it needs to rebuild a new path/directory after you open the app after a reboot, and that only happens when you open PA for the first time. I don't understand why that is needed since PA can allow itself to store its own memory/cache
  3. Not sure what all the rescan options are, but when you turn auto rescan off, it automatically turns off all the rescan features.
  4. I'm not too sure if that's true. Because after I restart my phone PA doesn't see any files, which we have established. But if I go into my phone and look for my SD card and look for music I can see everything just fine (after reboot)...
  5. I can say that this is true. When I restart my phone and immediately go into Poweramp, all my music says "file not there". Since I have Auto rescan on, my music takes about a minute to appear. I turned off auto rescan to see if this would fix my problem but it didn't. My music wouldn't show up at all until I rescanned my music. Just FYI...
  6. Hey all, I see people are still having issues with Poweramp. I solved my issues by doing the following changes that I have said earlier. I don't know if this will help anyone, but maybe try adjusting your settings to the picture I attached. Then trying the solutions to see if it made any difference. Since it seems everyone is shooting in the dark with solutions, maybe it won't hurt to adjust your settings to mine and maybe it will fix your issue.
  7. Have you tried manually unmounting the SD card in your phone and mounting it again. Then trying these fixes? In your settings under storage you can unmount your sd card and mount it again. Might refresh settings/the directory.
  8. If anyone is wondering, I fixed this issue doing the following. Also, this issue happened after the new Android 11 update I received today. (Galaxy S20 plus User) This probably will only work for those who didn't do a Full Rescan though. Anyways try this: First Disabled Legacy mode. Settings>misc>Legacy Mode off Now go into Settings>Library>Music Folders>Selected all folders in SD Card>Hit Rescan. Now you'll have duplicated songs. One song doesn't work and the duplicated song works. The legacy mode file directory "song" doesn't work, but by disabling it and se
  9. Does a Full Rescan delete image cache and edited tag information. Almost all my music has some form of tag info/album art modification and don't want to erase that.
  10. @andrewilley I'm happy to say, and somewhat frustrated with myself, that fixing the typo "muisc" fixed my problem. Gosh who knew that such an error could result in such frustration. I really appreciate all the help guys. Such a great and understanding community. Have a great day! ( : -Bing
  11. Let's just hope this just doesn't come down to the misspelled word "muisc" with in the file directory... I used New Playlist Manger though and it didn't resolve my issue. I'll find out tomorrow night after work. Thanks again, Bing
  12. That's a possibility that my track name is an issue. Poweramp allows you to edit tags. So is it possible that the m3u8 file is saved under the edited tags and not the original? I have, or should I say, almost all my songs have edited track names that were changed through PA. But to counter this issue, and to save all my edited tags from PA, I was able to find a folder in PA files that's saves all downloaded album art and edited tag caches. I put those files in my old phone and my all my music's edited tags and album art were successfully transferred over. FYI- I haven't tried to change th
  13. I'll try to see if thats what caused the issue. That is a typo and did make sure the directory was named the same as my old phone so Poweramp could find the playlist correctly. Thanks for the help, Bing
  14. I was able to find the files. I used the New Playlist Manager to first export the files as a m3u, then imported them into my new phone. I encounter the same issue. I also loaded the m3u8/m3u file in a text editor and the file path seems to be correct. Not sure why PA isn't loading the files into the playlist. Ill keep messing around with the tool and see if i can get anything to work. Thanks for your help guys, Bing
  15. @flyingdutchman When I export to m3u format" using New Playlist Manager, where do the written files go? I cant seem to find the folder. Thanks, Bing
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