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  1. I have a Samsung note 4 and I use my left hand. There is no way to go back in some screens, before there where always a way to go back without having to touch the "physical" back button. Also the skin is messy in a way where some buttons have black boxes and look out of place, there is text in the middle of the album art, and ....why did they take off the reproduction bar and replaced it with that awful spectrum in the back? I just hope the skinning code is open enough for the skin devs to change all.
  2. My concern is that this will be the official skin when the official new version gets released and it will not be possible to choose an older version.
  3. Guys, please... change that Skin, go back with the original... it is a mess of things in the screen and is not easy to use with one hand. Please have this in mind, we use the phones in the street, while walking.
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