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  1. Yup seems to have fixed it! Thanks Max! Odd question though - I had to get build-552 from powerampapp.com and side load the apk. Google Play is saying Poweramp v2.0.9-build-550 is the most up to date version. Not quite sure why the mismatch?
  2. It's definitely there - is it worth me pulling a log from CatLog and submitting it per the sticky?
  3. Wired headset. I don't have any A2DP devices to test if they're also affected too sorry.
  4. Yep word for word I have this exact same problem with my HTC One. Worth noting I'm using the Google Play Edition ROM - not sure if HTC's Sense ROM would be any different? Same goes for me; buffer, priority and Beats all have no effect on the issue, but disabling DVC yields immediate results. Unfortunately DVC disabled isn't really a great solution - as I use my own Tone settings (which don't work half as well without DVC). Any chance of having this issue looked into please?
  5. Thanks Max! Nice to know it wasn't in my imagination In your test; do ALL of the above conditions need to be met in order to replicate white noise; or just any of the conditions? I know I've certainly experienced background hiss with Beats off, DVC on. In any case, is there any combination of audio settings in particular you'd recommend to minimise the problem? Personally, I'm pretty unimpressed with Beats. I find for listing to music with earphones using my own tone settings and enabling SRS yields far more pleasant results for listening. That said, Beats seems to help immensely when using the Boomsound speakers for media (certainly in apps other than PA). I just wish HTC had the forethought to include a few more settings for Beats than just on/off.
  6. OK - here's all the info I can offer anyone who's interested so far. The background hissing seems intermittent and temperamental. I've tried various PA and system settings in the hope of isolating it. I'm rooted, and running ARHD 10.1 ROM. Currently I've got no noticeable hiss - after wiping PA data with Ti Backup. Since then I've enabled/disabled various settings in the hope of isolating the cause: PA: - Equ is disabled and flat (though enabling equ seems to have no noticeable effect on hiss) - Tone enabled (though again, no effect) - Limit enabled (no effect) - SRS enabled (no effect) - RG enabled (unsure if this has any effect on hiss) - DVC enabled (no effect) - Fade, Crossfade, and Gapless - I have DEFINITELY noticed background hiss when this is enabled, primarily in the quiet periods fade in/out; though this may be a placebo due to lower ambient volume. Going further, fading seems broken - volume goes loud, quiet, loud again as each song fades in - especially noticeable on short fade out/in when skipping tracks. System settings: - NFC disabled - Fast boot disabled
  7. Yep, same problem here as documented above. Oddly enough I never thought to check the stock player, but as previously noted - sounds great with no hiss; Poweramp in the meantime sounds like a cassette I may have poorly bootlegged 20 years ago
  8. Thanks Wen! I know it's not particularly far in the UI to change EQ presets - but the whole idea of my current set up is to plug my phone in when I get into the car, and forget about the rest; same reason why EQ presets are assignable against various destinations. Other than that, Poweramp is arguably one of the best apps I've bought. It get's used daily, and it's been worth every cent and more!
  9. Sorry to drag up an old topic, but I'm in a similar situation... I use my phone for music both with a wired headset with mic/in-line remote (3.5mm TRRS connection) and in the car (3.5 TRS connection, my head unit isn't bluetooth enabled). Because they're completely different listening environments, I'd like to be able to assign different EQ presets for each (flat EQ in the car, bass & treble boost for headset). I know that the Poweramp EQ allows to assign EQ presets to speaker, wired headset and bluetooth headset, however it doesn't discriminate between the mic/in-line remote-less TRS connection, and the mic/in-line remote enabled TRRS connection. What are the chances of this being added to a future revision of Poweramp? Alternately, I know that Tasker can launch profiles based off what type of 3.5mm connector is plugged in - is there an activity/launch argument which can be used to manually set different EQ presets when Poweramp is started?
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