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  1. Does Max have any idea when that might be? I don't think the buffer works, I just tried it.
  2. I mentioned this in one of the other threads. Sometimes when I use the seek bar, the music will stop and say "decoder timed out." All my music is stored onto my phone, which is a Nexus 5x. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
  3. Any telling when the time decoder will be fixed? The worst part about this is that sometimes, when I use the seek bar, the music stops and says "Decoder timed out".
  4. Yeah, I tried that. They still keep coming back. I will try clearing the app data, as I have not customized much. EDIT: Nope, still didn't work.
  5. Okay, I embedded the artwork in the file and that fixed it. Thank you. On another note, how do I permanently disable the visualizations? Each time I turn them off, they just come back on when I restart the app.
  6. When I edit metadata for songs, the album art I have disappears in the grid, though it still appears in the player view. I tried clearing my album art cache, which literally did nothing. How can I reset all my album art to get it restored?
  7. Each time I press the home button while in Poweramp, though the music keeps playing, when I click back into it, it goes back to a default screen (in my case the library). Is there no way to get back into it at the screen you were already on, similar to an iPhone? EDIT: This might be the wrong section, I just realized. I'm new here, sorry.
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