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  1. i've made a video to show the process, the trouble begins at 3:58, after that, judging by the internet traffic arts are downloaded but not applied https://www.dropbox.com/s/n88w35eh64ouard/2017_05_23_09_29_57.webm?dl=0
  2. Ok i managed it to work for a little amount of time, when i move all the music in other folder untill the scan is performed automatic album art is applied, but only for 30-40 songs as i press next and next, after that it just doesn't work and i have to move all my music in another folder
  3. No i don't have any album art, but I also tried to delete album cache from Poweramp option
  4. yes i am able to pick them manually, and yes automatic download is check'd
  5. Yes i know there are a lot of topics regarding that issue but i don't seem to find a solution, album art isn't downloading and it wasn't doing so in the last version, i know that on some music the tags could be missing , but not on all 920 tracks Lenovo Vibe V2 lolipop 5.0
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