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  1. Had opensl es hd output for other on version 790, missing now, used this over wifi with Chromecast, was excellent sound. Have hi res for wired headphones, again, great sound but would like the option for over wifi please. Great music player been using paid version for a few years now. Keep up the great work. LG G6 Korean with Quad dac Android 8.0 Dave.
  2. Working great again on my LG G6 with quad dac, using the new version of Poweramp, thank you for the update, back to my favorite player again, only very small problem is artist doesn't work yet, but albums do and all songs.
  3. A waste of time anyone posting on here, I posted Sept 2017 requesting support for LG G6 with quad dac on Android 7, nothing back at all from Poweramp about this, everyone would be better changing their player to N7 player as it is far superior in sound quality on wired headphones to Poweramp since no high res support, this is coming from a big fan of Poweramp with high res support on LG V10.
  4. I've been using Poweramp for about 1 year with my LG V10 Alpha 704, works great on high res option through headphones, upgraded to LG G6 H870DS with Quad dac, will not work with high res option for headphones, says, failed, please add high res support. LG G6 H870DS Nougat 7.0 I'm torn between keeping my v10 instead of the G6 because of this issue.
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