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  1. after i updated is still started showing an album in the playlist in order but was playing songs that were shuffling in the playlist. the playlist is set on shuffle. Only way it stops doing that is to restart the playlist by selecting a song manually. I was hoping that bug would be fixed by now.
  2. i went to connect the bluetooth speaker and it didn't start playing right away so I clicked play, then it started playing automatically and went to a different song overriding what i was just listening too. That was weird.
  3. No and unfortunately it has the text over album cover. I'm sure an update with the feature to have it below the cover will be added.
  4. Sweet I was wondering what that other skin i was seeing screen shots was for. bought it. I bough the Rainbow when it first came out too btw.
  5. Interesting. The other day I thoughtmy bluetooth speaker was blown because the bass was distorted and vibrating bad and any volume. Hadn't noticed it since then. Fine on the bluetooth headphones and car stereo.
  6. The borders would be invisible. it wouldn't take away from the album art. I like what Samsung did to the Edge phones to keep the edge the screen from being accidentally touched. How would it make it more complicated or take away features? you're making what i said more complicated. The borders would be not touchable.
  7. I like the swype now that I use it more. on the older version 2 i was used to the buttons and didn't swipe. I do find it annoying when i go to put the phone in the holster and change songs or swipe to another playlist and then have to find my spot in the playlist i was listening to all over again. Another idea would be to make the border around the edges of the screen dead so accidental swipes don't happen so easy. So you have to swipe more in the middle of the screen. so you can still swipe but you thumb will be less likely to do it.
  8. how do you change the background colors on the EQ screen? If i select more then one color at a time it doesn't show but just one color so I'm confused how that works. I thought it was advertised to mix colors. and how do you change the colors of the player screen besides black? when i use black the buttons hardly show up. the highlights are so dark they don't show up well.
  9. thanks., i was just looking at that app but it costs money and not sure if i want to spend money without trying it out . the free one doesn't advertise the ratings .
  10. Is that why my ratings from itunes don't show up on Poweramp? I keep posting about this but nobody responds. Rocket Player uses the ratings and Playerpro and Jet Audio also uses those. one of them lets you select which ratings such as iSyncr which is what i use. i never use the internal ratings with Poweramp because that's tedious. i already rate on itunes why do it again everytime i sync to Poweramp. it's majorly disappointing. does anyone else on here use iSyncr? I've been using it since 2012 and keep waiting for the ratings to work with Poweramp and here it's 2018 and max still hadn't fixed it so it will. Playerpro has all these rating systems: Playerpro, iSyncr, Windows Media Player, Winamp, and MediaMonkey. So if it works for Playerpro why can't Poweramp also have these options?
  11. these have already been reported in numerous threads
  12. can it be made to sync with iSyncr? I do my ratings in itunes on the computer and sync my music with isyncr and want it to work with Poweramp. after all these years it still doesn't. some players give the option to do that. I want 5 stars if it will work with the synced ratings.
  13. but if i do that it won't connect to my headphones, bluetooth speaker, or bluetooth car stereo automatically. I dont 'want to have to keep changing the settings back. besides i have been doing it this way for several years and never had Poweramp hijack my phone after pausing it manually. I don't think you understand what I am saying. I will pause Poweramp and then it will unpause on it's own. So if i pause it so my friend can make a phone call in the car on his phone then it unpauses at random and then he can't hear his phone. It's done this since the Oreo update and or the newer alpha updates. and now on the 793. I seems like I"m the only one having this problem.
  14. I have had the player take over my phone and play on it's own. I'll pause it to play bird sounds on my birding app and it will start playing on it's own. I paused the Poweramp several times yesterday in the car using the bluetooth button on my adapter so my friend can talk on his phone. and the damn thing started playing on it's own. so i have to pause it again. then later it did the same thing. Why does Poweramp unpause the music and start playing on it's own? is the bluetooth reconnecting for a split second causing it to start playing again? also it keeps going out of my playlists back to all songs and then I"m like WTF?
  15. yeah but i want to have it play automatically so i can get in and out of the car without having to reach and grab the phone out of the holster and unlock it and press play and then put it back or in the mount if i am just going on short in and out trips around town. I made sure to buy a bluetooth adapter for my car that would play automatically for a reason. and besides i didn't have this problem in the last two years of doing it this way.
  16. anyone have Poweramp start playing on it's own after pausing it using bluetooth? I'll pause it and switch to my iBird Yard app to play bird sounds when bird watching and then Poweramp takes over and starts blasting music which is very annoying when bird watching. Or if i try to do something else on my phone or play a different music player it does it too. When it does it i usually see the volume control pop up like it does when the bluetooth connects and the music player starts on it's own. This started after getting Android Oreo. not sure if it's a Poweramp problem or a android problem. it's as if it reconnects to the speaker and then the player starts playing again. I tried repairing the speaker.
  17. I posted this before but didn't get much a response. But I don't know if it's been mentioned but since my GS7 got upgraded to android 8 oreo the bluetooth volume resets every time i get in and out of the car. very annoying. I have to adjust the volume every time it connects to the car stereo. not sure if it's android or a bug in the Poweramp. I'm on 709
  18. I don't know if it's been mentioned but since my GS7 got upgraded to android 8 oreo the bluetooth volume resets every time i get in and out of the car. very annoying. I have to adjust the volume every time it connects to the car stereo. not sure if it's android or a bug in the Poweramp. I'm on 709
  19. Seems like that happened to me the other day. I can't remember if i had to restart the phone. I was using a bluetooth speaker when it happened. And that was on my S7 Oreo as well.
  20. not sure if it's been mentioned but today when using the aux in the car twice the audio stopped and the music was playing. i had to unplug the cable and plug it back in to get sound from the player again. I'm on the 709.
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