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  1. oh ok. I know some people on here use Musicbee on the computer instead of itunes. I thought maybe you was on their forums. Do you use a music player on your computer? I manage my music on the computer and sync to the phone and mostly use Poweramp on the phone. I hate streaming music because i want to listen to what I want too and when i want too. lol.
  2. an update on musicbee forum, I could get in via my phone which would be on a different IP address and discovered my username doesn't exist and all my posts were gone. So I registered with a same username but different number. After looking around for a few minutes all a sudden i was banned again. Are they picky about who's in their forums? The worst thing i said was that musicbee is 5 times better then itunes but 5 times buggier. I am having problems with it failing on copying to my phone and then it ruined my 128gb card on my phone and i don't have the money to get another one so i don't have music or anything on my phone now. I'm so mad. And now i can't get help with it. I have never been banned from forums in my life until i was all a sudden deleted from Playerpro and the mod wouldnt' reply to my emails about my username not working and my posts being gone. Now this. I thought an all out ban is after having really bad behavior and cussing and blowing through several warnings? Please forgive me to be off topic but i have nowhere else to turn.
  3. thanks. I wonder why i can't access it then? Surely i wasn't banned for asking for help and reporting problems. I can't find a way to contact anyone on the website. Just tried it with Edge and same thing. This is on the computer with win10 btw.
  4. anyone having trouble accessing the musicbee forum? I posted for help and now everytime i go to the forum page I get "AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED! Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum! This ban is not set to expire." I can't even get to the sign in page. This is with chrome and i cleared cookies cache etc.
  5. Well fooey that delete songs in the playlist bug is back. 😡 🤬🤬 I looked at some tag/info's on some songs cancelled out of them and got in the shower. then as soon as i got wet the music stopped. I had to get out of the shower dripping all over the floor to grab the phone and see what's up. I was back at all songs and the playlist had no songs in it. It seems like every time I hold down on a song and then go to tags/info and closing out of it it causes the playlist to zero out. forcing me to have to plug into MusicBee to resync. As if that's not bad enough, Musicbee is also buggy and it's a crapshoot if i can sync without error message requiring me to close the program and relaunch it or other problems.
  6. @maxmp so i paused Poweramp to make a video with the camera and then clicked play and the playlist went back to the beginning of the playlist. every time i tried to go back to where i was it would switch back to the first song on the playlist and i tried many songs with the same results. but i could skip to the next song and play the playlist in order. I didn't have shuffle on. but it sounds like the same bug that when shuffle is on and it starts playing the beginning of the playlist in order. I had to force close to get it to work right again. so annoying. I thought that bug was finally fixed.
  7. I am wanting numbers on the sliders and the preamp as well. the preamp doesn't have a line showing the middle. It would me nice to see where the middle is or the gain numbers.
  8. How many times are people going to ask about hi rez on a phone speaker? I can't believe people actually think a phone speaker will sound good enough to tell the difference in hi res. Yet i had ignorant girls tell me their phone speakers has good bass when suggesting them get a decent bluetooth speaker for music.
  9. I know right? All this foreign language is annoying me. I get updates and come here thinking I'm going to see useful information and it's all gibberish.
  10. I looked up Gone Mad and it looks like a glorified google music app for $3.99 and there's no eq in the screenshots so who knows how good it is. I"m not spending that much on another player again. I've already bought most the big name players. The only thing i need now is patience waiting on the best player "Poweramp" to be finished.
  11. Looks like it's out now. Forgetting you're in a different time zone i was like wow it came early. it's only 12:14pm here lol.
  12. It's disappointing that Poweramp doesn't have a cast button. But you can cast from Google Home and use any player to cast to the speaker. Not sure about other devices such as a TV.
  13. Well the zereo out playlist bug is still in affect. I was trying to figure out how to change the picture at the top of thr playlist and clicked rescan at the playlist and then picked a song and started playing it. Then it stopped and went to all songs. When I went back the playlist is empty. I didn't have iTunes set back up on my computer after a reset. Quite annoying when i was trying to get in the shower. Makes it hard to resync with iTunes in a hurry. Here's some pics showing the playlist.
  14. I am using custom settings. But how does one save more then one setting for the bluetooth preset? I have a settings for the car stereo, 3 bluetooth speakers, and one bt headphones. You still didn't answer my question about the MP3Gain and RP Gain on Poweramp.
  15. i have some heavy bass beat distortions on my new bluetooth speaker. i thought the old one was blown. i have my music ran through MP3Gain on the PC. Do i need to use the Replay gain on Poweramp for it to use the Mp3Gain settings?
  16. max have you tried the GS7? that's what i have. android 8.0 Verizon variant.
  17. I also keep forgetting to mention the music never resumes after a phone call.
  18. i am using a galaxy s7. Have you tested it on that? it did the same thing today when i got in the car. it also does it on my older galaxy tab s 8.4 .
  19. New version and still nothing in the changelog about the playlist and shuffle problem and it is not fixed. I'm tired of hearing the first few songs on a 1,000 song playlist over and over every time i get in the car.
  20. why isn't mp3's and aac's gapless? I've never really paid attention to that feature.
  21. Has anyone tried it with shuffle or have shuffle quit working when this happens? I find i have to turn shuffle off and back on again to get it to work.
  22. Yeah when i try to beat it at its game and select a song then when it does it's thing it still switches back to the first song. Even if i go to a different playlist. can't remember if it stays on the same playlist as i only tried it that one time.
  23. not neccessarily not using it for an hour or more. I got in the car and left but came back because i forgot something. went in the house for a few seconds got back in the car and as i was pulling out of the driveway it changed back to the first song in the playlist. but in the middle of the song I guess the same time code the last song was on.
  24. That issue is related to what we was talking about several posts before yours. That happens to me all the time. usually when it connects to bluetooth after not being used for awhile. But sometimes right after disconnecting and reconnecting bluetooth.
  25. well the bugs are still not fixed with the 802. still jumping to the first song in playlist but the same "time" in the song after connecting to bluetooth quite often. and when shuffle is on it breaks and have to be turned off and back on as well. I am surprised I'm the only one having this problem.
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