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  1. Thanks . That's what i thought. Most my stuff with 48kHz is videos. I recorded some nature/bird sounds on my phone with 48kHz and converted to mp3 post editing. I wasn't sure whether to keep them 48 or change to 44.1 like everything else but just kept it since it plays ok.
  2. As reported, on mine there's missing album covers on many songs on a playlist i looked at earlier. I hope the bug is fixed soon.
  3. I just looked at some of my MP3's and they are 44.1khz. It seems common to me. are you saying it's not common for mp3's to be 44.1khz or not common for it on android?
  4. So you're saying the common 44.1kHz sample rate that most if not all store bought mp3's are not supported but it upsamples them? That seems weird.
  5. did max do something with the audio for these sound quality improvements people are talking about? I haven't noticed the improvements but I have a good ear for sound quality. Of course without a side by side comparison with identical equipment it is hard to compare. I'm using higher bitrate MP3's. granted I"m not using 100+ headphones.
  6. " Check that Repeat mode is set to Repeat List, otherwise it won't start the list again. If Repeat is OFF it will stop at the end, or if Repeat is set to Advance List it will move on to the next list, using the following shuffle logic: Shuffle Songs will shuffle all the songs in the current category (such as a Playlist, or Album, or Folder, depending on what mode you are listening in). When finished, it will move on to the next category in regular order (such as next playlist, album or folder) and play that shuffled too. Shuffle Categories will play songs in regular order, and once finished it moves to a new random category and plays the songs from that in regular order. Shuffle Songs/Categories will shuffle all the songs in the current category, and when finished it will pick a new category at random and play that shuffled too. Andre" So if i want to just shuffle songs in one playlist which one do i want? The first option then? When I try to "shuffle songs" it seems like it plays mostly certain artists on the playlist but skips or omits most the others. does shuffle categories work for playlists? or Shuffle songs/categories? There's too many options it's confusing. I want to just shuffle the dang playlists like normal. I have so many songs in my playlists and the playlists get restarted, I never see the difference in the other shuffle options how they go to the next playlist.
  7. I had it happen just viewing the info/tags. even if i back out without changing anything.
  8. Can someone explain to me the difference in the shuffle modes with use of playlists? I always find it confusing.
  9. yes they are file based, synced from musicbee. I don't use the regular based ones as they eventually get cleared out for whatever reason. and I get duplicates, the regular ones and the file based ones. but the regular ones are empty after awhile. never figured out why that happens.
  10. Oh I'm so mad. I went back to the playlist and it's empty!!!! So I selected a different one and 10 seconds later the music stopped and it was on all songs and the playlist was empty. So i had to pick a different one again. and it played. How many more updates do we need to fix this? I want to extract the app from my phone and throw it at the wall as hard as I can. I've never had an app cause such grief in my life.
  11. So I tried changing the setting for queue and queued up the song and then when it was done it just stopped. It did not return to the playlist and keep playing. I'm so disappointed. How do I go back to the playlist in the same spot without having to hunt for the playlist and then scroll through up to a 1,000 songs to find where i was? edit: I was also on shuffle for the playlist as well. btw.
  12. ok now this is weird. @maxmp When rotating the screen sideways and back sometimes it changes songs album cover and all. I didn't have music playing so i don't know what it would do then. But when rotating from vertical to horizontal in back it sometimes shows a different song either vertical or horizontal. I have no idea how or why that happens.
  13. Oh I must have missed something. I tried queing a song up many months ago but it left the playlist and went to que for that one song and then i had to go back to the playlist all over again . I never used que till that one day but not used to the layout of it all. How do you switch from que back the recently played playlist without going through the list of playlists all over again?
  14. I would like to see a "play next" and "play later" options like in itunes and musicbee. Where you play a playlist or whatever and manually choose a song to play next and then resume playing what list it was playing.
  15. I'll look again. I couldn't remember if it had one. or if it shows how to revert back to the "old look". I just looked it doesn't go as far as some apps do and doesn't show the settings in the skin section. The ones i see alot on some apps are animated to "walk" you through different parts of the app. Probably a headache to code those.
  16. @maxmpI got a brilliant idea!!! Many apps have mini tutorials or guides that pop up showing you or walking you through, new changes or how to use the app on first install or update so you will be guided. Perhaps max should do that so people can have their hands held to find the options to change the seek bars and stuff since people don't look and find the options before getting mad. Lots of apps do this now. I'm not sure the proper term for the hand holding or guide. I don't really need the hand holding myself but it could be useful to some people. I hope I explained it well.
  17. I posted in the wrong thread. didn't realize there was a new thread again. here goes. I found a new bug. twice now i added a song from a playlist to que and then go back to the playlist within a minute and the playlist is empty. Last night it happened the first time, then resynced the phone with musicbee last night to get it back and then today it cleared out again on it's own. So i got it resynced again this evening and tried added a song to que to see what happened and yes it cleared out as expected. time to resync again
  18. are you saying it will play the song two times in a row after resuming playing? I think I have noticed that a few times. I wasn't sure what was going on. I just click next to the next song.
  19. Funny my sound on my laptop started crackling when watching shows on Netflix or Youtube or MSNBC and then i get on my tablet to play something, I think it was on Poweramp and it did the same thing. I was like what the heck. I think a Chrome Browser update for the computer must have did something. It followed me to my tablet. I haven't noticed Poweramp doing that on my phone and i had music playing a lot today. But the bug where the music quits putting out sound happened again on my phone and my tablet. Yesterday i was playing nature sounds on my tablet and then when i woke up it showed it was playing but there was no sound. Today i was listening to music on my phone and when it changed songs the sound went off. The progress bar was still moving. time was still ticking. I had to turn off my bluetooth speaker and back on again. This bug has been around for several versions. I can't believe there's so many bugs on V3. Was V2 this bad?
  20. I looked up Gone Mad and it looks like a glorified google music app for $3.99 and there's no eq in the screenshots so who knows how good it is. I"m not spending that much on another player again. I've already bought most the big name players. The only thing i need now is patience waiting on the best player "Poweramp" to be finished.
  21. Looks like it's out now. Forgetting you're in a different time zone i was like wow it came early. it's only 12:14pm here lol.
  22. It's disappointing that Poweramp doesn't have a cast button. But you can cast from Google Home and use any player to cast to the speaker. Not sure about other devices such as a TV.
  23. Well the zereo out playlist bug is still in affect. I was trying to figure out how to change the picture at the top of thr playlist and clicked rescan at the playlist and then picked a song and started playing it. Then it stopped and went to all songs. When I went back the playlist is empty. I didn't have iTunes set back up on my computer after a reset. Quite annoying when i was trying to get in the shower. Makes it hard to resync with iTunes in a hurry. Here's some pics showing the playlist.
  24. I am using custom settings. But how does one save more then one setting for the bluetooth preset? I have a settings for the car stereo, 3 bluetooth speakers, and one bt headphones. You still didn't answer my question about the MP3Gain and RP Gain on Poweramp.
  25. i have some heavy bass beat distortions on my new bluetooth speaker. i thought the old one was blown. i have my music ran through MP3Gain on the PC. Do i need to use the Replay gain on Poweramp for it to use the Mp3Gain settings?
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