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  1. Good Day Sure you know that Samsung removed Edge Lighting effect from its newer releases of samsung music app, I liked it so much because it's simple and nice, I hope if you can add it to your app, also it would be nice to have option to play a random effect with each song. Thanks in advance IBRAHIM DIAB
  2. good news, because I use Poweramp on my car's headunit which is android 4.4.4 ?
  3. thank you, I tried m3u8 format and it worked fine ?
  4. I have many playlists - Arabic and English, English is loaded without problems Arabic playlists one or two from about 15 playlists loaded fine the others says (not loaded yet) - I tried these (not loaded yet) with other players and they working fine... I work around this by playing these files directly from the folder..
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