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  1. It happens again this morning but I saw that Poweramp show "decoder time out" so I think that's the problem
  2. My phone cannot turn on the screen more than 30 minutes so I cannot try that. And last night when I play the playlist, in the morning the playlist doesn't end again.
  3. I always connected with the charger everyday so I think that's not the problem but I never turn the screen on so I will try it tonight.
  4. I do not use SD card because my phone does not have a slot and if I play the song in playlist, all songs are playable without any problem.
  5. I have a playlist of 170 songs and use them to burn in my headphones before I sleep. But when I woke up in the morning, it shows that the player had stopped when it reached about 100th song. It happens everyday and never reached my last song.
  6. Oh, it works. But I have to change tag in each song and I got like umm 14 songs so it would be better if it can change tag by one click.
  7. https://ibb.co/c0yrbQ https://ibb.co/fSWYqk Picture link
  8. I have album which has 4 artists in it but the app separate them into 4 different albums. It didn't separate in Poweramp v2 so I think it may be a bug. PS See in the pics.
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