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  1. I opted out of the Beta and still have the same bug.
  2. So i'm the only one with this problem ? Weird..
  3. Galaxy S3 SGH-I747M Android 4.4.2 Rooted Android Pattern Lock Screen If i use Poweramp's lock screen on top of my normal pattern lock screen, and i receive an SMS message notification, my screen will stay ON until my phone's battery runs out. It will NEVER allow my screen to go black again, UNLESS i push the power button to close it. Normal behavior with android lock screen only: SMS notification appears, i don't touch anything, after ~30 seconds my screen goes black again. Anyone having this bug ? Can't say if it appeared with the beta/alpha version of Poweramp because i didn't use Poweramp's lock screen before that.. (I have the full version unlocker that i paid for)
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