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  1. The web site unlocker that I'l have been using for some years now, it's not working with v.804 . I'm back on 803 which works perfect on my HTC.So it's not a complain, it's just for you guys to know that something it's wrong.
  2. Set Background Intensity to 0%
  3. Thanks Max, it's working now ! Thanks for your prompt work Max and for your patience in the forum Andre.
  4. We are still on 797...Max knows the problem , so we have to wait for 798 and hope that this is solved.
  5. This is the reason why we are here: to find the way to make PA work ?
  6. I was exactly in the same situation. So I have installed V2 first,then the unlocker and after validation upgraded to V3.
  7. HTC U11 Android 8.0 On Bluetooth the output it's still marked as "speaker(16-bit 48khz)" .On my phone it was the same on all V3 releases.
  8. Same problem on HTC U11 Problem solved ! Clear cache in recovery mode . One problem remain.When I'm connected to a bluetooth device, the output is in speaker settings so it is not Hi Rez. When I stop the bluetooth connection the music plays for a split of second on phone's speakers.
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