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  1. I had tried all the setting but it looks cannot be saved. The strange thing is that I do not change any option but still output incorrect until I reset the setting. Little bid inconvenience.
  2. Hi I just check the audio-output setting. When I encountered this incorrect output, I go-to this option and pick "default setting" It could play by car stereo. But I have to set it for each connection. Can it provide any direction for saving? I do not want to change the settings Everytime.
  3. Yes the car unit can display the correct music, but the music is played by the mobile even I use headunit to play the music. I didn't do any setting change. It is only happened with Poweramp, if I change to Google Music it can be played by car stereo.
  4. When I use Poweramp with my Android auto, I found the music output is incorrect. The sound is played by mobile but car speaker. However I change the music app to Google music, it can output by car stereo correctly. Would you please help to check the issue? Phone: Asus Zenfone 5z with Android 10 Car: Mercedes w213
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