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  1. I had tried all the setting but it looks cannot be saved. The strange thing is that I do not change any option but still output incorrect until I reset the setting. Little bid inconvenience.
  2. Hi I just check the audio-output setting. When I encountered this incorrect output, I go-to this option and pick "default setting" It could play by car stereo. But I have to set it for each connection. Can it provide any direction for saving? I do not want to change the settings Everytime.
  3. Yes the car unit can display the correct music, but the music is played by the mobile even I use headunit to play the music. I didn't do any setting change. It is only happened with Poweramp, if I change to Google Music it can be played by car stereo.
  4. When I use Poweramp with my Android auto, I found the music output is incorrect. The sound is played by mobile but car speaker. However I change the music app to Google music, it can output by car stereo correctly. Would you please help to check the issue? Phone: Asus Zenfone 5z with Android 10 Car: Mercedes w213
  5. I used the option "Resume on Bluetooth" option and intend to auto play music when I drive my car. However, it cannot be successful everytime, usually the device can be connected, but the player cannot play automatically. Is there any issue that the new Poweramp work with android 8.0.0 with zenfone 5z? I use the function for several years and this is the first time it cannot work properly.
  6. Today I try to play my music in the queue. And found it cannot use the random play function. Even I try to press several differeny option for random play, the sequence is still the same and nothing interesting. Would you please help to check it is a error in the latest version? Thanks.
  7. Some comments for playlists: 1. Before, the playlists can also create the shortcut in Android desktop, but the new version is cancelled 2. When I click playlist, only "add to playlist",and "put in queue" function." in UI. The queue option cannot delete the previous song (need delete queue first) so it is inconvenience. I need a button "play the list instantly (by sequence, or random). In previous version, there is no issue for the playlists playing, it should be keep. I usually use the app when I am in rush, the simple operation for easy use is much important.
  8. +1 Please add the feature for Android auto, thanks!
  9. Hi Poweramp team: I recommend a function for the Power AMP. It seems that the user cannot delete the song from SD card(or the internal storage, e.g. htc one M7, Power AMP could not delete the song directly) directly in the main play interface. Is that possible that to add the function for the direct delete? ( I have checked the option, however it could only delete the song from the playlist) My phone is htc one (M7), it only have interal storage but SD card Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Power AMP team: Thanks for the quick reply, I'll expect the improvement ^^
  11. Hi Power AMP team: I have some suggestion about the Horizontal display theme. Currently the interface waste too much display space, and the album art view is not big enough as Vertical mode. Would you please also provide another theme for Horizontal display? I also have an idea as following: What is more I think it is another good idea for providing separate theme for each display. (e.g. Vertical= Silver theme; Horizontal= Classic display. Thanks for your hard work.
  12. Hi Power AMP team: I tried the my phone (HTC Sensation) with my Poweramp (full ver2.0.5) and play music on my car by Bluetooth. However the sound quality is not good as earphone and easy to have distortion. My environment: [Player] HTC Sensation with android 4.0.3+ Poweramp [stereo] Lexus Mark Levinson Surround System with 15 speakers Problems: The music quality is not the same as earphone The EQ/SRS adjustment is easy to cause distortion “BEATs” functions could not work with Bluetooth The “Limit” button could reduce the chance for distortion, but the music quality would have huge sacrifice.
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