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  1. Hi, if my flacs are 16-bit/44.1kHz cd quality. Will I gain anything to use the beta hi-res output? sorry noob question. or, If I were to get some 24bit flac, what do I get if it's played on v2 without the hi-res output?
  2. So... if the phone doesnt even have the "Hi-res" in the output menu, http://imgur.com/KKuPEdo it means it doesn't have an internal DAC? (I've read that Nougats need to try build 704, but i have already followed the opt-in link to become a tester and I can only get build 703.) and this one http://imgur.com/z5rcbs5 (xiaomi mi mix) means it's using the DAC intergrated in the snapdragon chip? If so, is this DAC any good?
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