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  1. I've been asking for this function for couple years. Also multiple select and ability to move to top is also a feature needed. This should be an automatic basic feature for any music app and no need for an external app. I remember in past Poweramp once responded seemingly that the idea was totally alien to them because new tracks should be at bottom of a playlist!?
  2. Backed up all my playlists using Poweramp specific backup and import playlists app. My music I pasted from phone into SD Card.
  3. I used an app which backed up everything to Dropbox and I reinstall to new device. That was ok until next day when all had gone. Seems it didn't like me rebooting phone and possibly taking out my card draw briefly. This was same as on my old S4. Used to turn off for plane security and when I turned on again playlists had gone. Very annoying.
  4. Just got the Samsung Galaxy S8 and setup all my music and playlists and once I restarted my phone everything had gone. Lost all my playlists and had to 're import them all again. This happens my my S4 previously where my music was saved to a memory card. Never an issue on my S6 which was internal only. Still disappointed this is happening as seems no change in 2 odd years with this issue for me.
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