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  1. I have looked and looked for this and on mentioned rk3368-box (from China) I found a setting to hide the notification bar, but not the navigation buttons (5 on this box vol up and down extra). Having hidden the notification it looks better but the navigation buttons take about 5 - 10% of the bottom of the screen and feel quite malplaced in the visualization screen. I have also 2 Samsung units (a Note 3 and a Tab, 6 10 inch) they are android 5.? respectively 6.? and on these I cant find the menu choice to hide the notification bar at all, so there I have the opposite result, a notification bar that will not go away but no navigation buttons on the screen. Can you please fix! No I'm just kidding!!! I have the utmost respect for your programmers who have to take into account gazillions of small and big factors in creating this type of apps. So instead I humbly state a simple request if it is at all possible,would you kindly take this in consideration? I think it could possibly increase the aesthetics of Poweramp. BTW I wonder: does Poweramp have any relation to the pc program dbPoweramp? I used to make (with a skin builder pgm) player skins for the dbPoweramp some 10-15 years ago. I had a lot of fun:) Here are 2 samples...
  2. I have an android "rk3368-box" with android version 5.1.1. I have noticed that the navigation bar in this box disappears in some apps but not in others and not in Poweramp. So I wonder if this is possibly a setting that I have missed or if it is a feature I can wish for? It would make the Visualization experience total not having anything else on screen. Great job on the preset: "triptrap_(getting...." it is astounding!
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