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  1. I can't get 704 update to work on LG V20. Installed Poweramp trial from google play store. Installed Poweramp unlock from google play store. Verified Poweramp full/paid version working. Closed Poweramp. Restarted phone. Downloaded 704 from here and installed. Restarted phone. Opened Poweramp. Got "Unfortuntately, Poweramp has stopped" meessage, clicked "open app again" , got "Poweramp keeps stopping message" and forced to close app. Poweramp never actually opens. I did factory reset, tried again. Same result. Did another factory reset, tried 702 first through google play tester program, then paid version, then 704. Same result. I don't have any cleaners or battery savers going. Any ideas? Brand new phone. I chose this phone for the audio, specifically when paired with Poweramp.
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