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  1. i dont know if there is a skin that does that, a small search i did didnt deliver. It would be nice to have the UI option to have the album art aligned bottom and the rest of the interface top. I know most players are like that but it may be useful for some, eg if the phone is mounted on a car dash its easier touching the top or for some phones it may be more natural for fingers/thumbs to touch the top part of the screen
  2. ZTE Axon 7 eu version A2017G On marshmallow pwamp 703 worked fine with hi-res audio on 7 nougat pwamp 704 worked but after 7.1.1, with 704 i can see the option on the settings and can enable it, but on some random occasions when i press play i get the message Failed: hi res audio, using default EDIT: Just updated to build V 1.2.0 b4 (7.1.1 always) still getting " Failed: Poweramp Hi res exp output. Using default output instead'
  3. Zte axon 7 EU a2017g hires worked on marshmallow 6 and Nougat 7 but on 7.1.1 it's gone. Only android default API and opensl now
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