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  1. If 704 is in the download horizontal scroll, I don't see it. I do see 588, 703, and an Intel-specific build, but no 704. Added: I forgot to check the Alpha pull-down menu - no 704, just 703.
  2. I raised this issue in November, with no response. Try #2: Nexus 7 2013 WiFi, Andy v6.0.1, rooted stock ROM, PA 703 (full version), v4a V4A works well with PlayerPro but not with PA. I tried disabling Direct Volume Control and rebooting. That didn't help. Does V4A work with PA 703? If so, what settings are required?
  3. BUMP The problem remains. About shows "alpha-build-703-play (full version)" - no update or build date.
  4. V4A related problem: Player Pro and V4A work together without a problem. The driver status shows V4A is processing - ditto for changing settings. Poweramp doesn't trigger V4A. The driver status shows V4A isn't processing. Changing compatibility breaks V4A on my device. Nexus 7 2013 WiFi - rooted stock 6.0.1
  5. At the moment there's apparently no way to do nested sorting. For example sort by artist by album (date, title, etc.) by track number. At the moment, sorting track numbers appears to create a list ordered solely by track number, ignoring artists, albums, etc.
  6. Thanks! Maybe this capability should be part of the shuffle options, instead of having to fiddle with the settings?
  7. I can't find this in the FAQ... How do I shuffle only the content of the existing titles in the playing queue? I don't want to shuffle lists or every tune I have. For example, I used "enque" for all of the titles for one artist. How do I shuffle the order of the artist's tunes in the queue?
  8. Understandably, sometimes the album art returned from a search is ...uh... novel? Is there a way to edit the artwork manually, either tweaking an internet search, using photo album images, or copying existing art. I have some tracks from videos of riding some mountain passes. I'd like to insert images of some part of those passes. I have some Bahamian music that needs images I put in an album. My six-disc Woodstock set has the right artwork on four albums and is utterly clueless on two. Cut&paste would help here. Does any or all of this exist?
  9. This must in a FAQ or How-To somewhere (if so, where do I find them?), but... how do I remove the tracks I queued, either before, during, or after? There doesn't seem to be an equivalent to Player Pro's "clear now playing".
  10. Following on a discussion in general chatter, the question is How do I sort by artist, sort the artist's albums by date, and sort each album by track number. Responses ...um... to be kind, didn't pass the KISS test. The suggested feature would be a set of ordering keys at a descending set of levels.
  11. This seems to be turning into a feature request: adding a tool to sort Artists by field1 by field2 by fieldn and then drill down to sort Albums by field1 by field2 by fieldn. In short, avoid the dancing around in folders or playlists and just use the existing meta-data.
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