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  1. Er, why? Or at least why not allow it in a limited number of situations (e.g., song shuffles).
  2. Playing one track and then sliding the track artwork gives the same sequence every time. Cycling through the shuffle options does create a new ordering. IMHO this is a workaround, albeit a useful one. My suggestion is to create a "shuffle song with new random order" mode that does the suggested "cycle through modes back to song mode" without stepping through the modes. Or add a random modifier (i.e. never the same shuffle sequence) that can be applied for all shuffle modes.
  3. I guess the two threads can be merged. However I think the easiest way to continue is to post a link to my thread. Otherwise the sequence of questions and answers may be confusing. Or not. It's your choice. 😊
  4. No question about being in playlist mode, as confirmed by tapping the metadata. I think this thread is now almost completely related to "Shuffle on in currently playing playlist or queue". It's probably best, to avoid duplication, cross-posting, and general chaos, to stick with replies to that thread. [/ smile ]
  5. There are 14 tracks in the playlist. I now seem to have shuffling of a sort. That is, by clicking on the shuffle icon, I can find my way to "Songs" and the order of tracks in the playlist is, in fact, not the order in the playlist. All well and good. But... The shuffle is not random in that the shuffle provides the same (shuffled) order. Instead of a random shuffle when skipping forward or backward, the list remains the same, albeit not in the original order. For example, the list opens with two N'to tracks, a single Worakls track, three N'to tracks. The shuffle now becomes N'to's opening track in the list, two Workals tracks, three N'to tracks, etc. Not a random, non-repeating shuffle.
  6. I'm totally confused. I tried Andre's suggestion and got a random track not on the playlist. As far as I can see, scramble within a list doesn't exist. At not as a one-click choice.
  7. Went there, tried that. The playlist has two artists : N'to and Worakls. Playing the first track, by N'to, the next track is by N'to but it's not on the playlist.
  8. I don't see how the procedure above meets the request below. Rala wrote "It would be nice if this button shuffles only the current list and don't goes to the next list after that list."
  9. How about "no repeat, repeat 1 track, repeat list, repeat scrambled list" (I guess "repeat scrambled track" is superfluous LOL).
  10. In some cases artist art is blank, but album art can be used for artist art. Occasionally the reverse is true. In some cases the album or artist art hopelessly wrong (cardiologist drawing of a heart for the band Heart). Two functions will help : art cut&paste and art Internet search and paste.
  11. AFAIK there's no direct, easy way to shuffle within a list (queue or playlist) of currently playing material. For example, if I've queued up a list of Dixieland tracks, I want them to play back in a random order, but not, not, not(!) into other lists, etc. This is the same with playlists. If I have a playlist of my Dixieland albums, I may want to hear the list of all tracks in the playlist in random order. AFAIK this can't be done now.
  12. Sigh... DoS attacks suck. I guess DoD attacks would suck, too, if you're on the receiving end.
  13. Agree!! Title scrolling is a very useful feature.
  14. My S7 is rooted to 7.1. Fortunately, I can't do custom ROM'S. I suspect your problem is tied to the ROM. Based on something earlier from someone trying to use Vietnamese, you're probably right. Spanish titles may be throwing off spacing. Try English titles to see what happens. I fully agree that the new spectrum/slider control of the playback head is much, much too coarse.
  15. @MeGustaPowerAm What version of Android are you using? The overlapping is almost certainly a screen resolution problem. I haven't seen anything like what's in your screen grabs. I've got PA running right now - lots of stereo and ditto with the Kenwood in the car, using a BT link. Maybe PA and your version of Android aren't getting along with each other well? The fast forward/reverse functionality does seem to have been ...uh... muddled by the new progress bar/slider. It makes jumping to a specific point of time in the track easy enough. Slide the volume display while watching the "time played" numbers until the right drop-in time is found. However, it's much easier to fast forward or back until the right sounds show up. I agree that the arrows and tapping the cover is redundant.
  16. After living with 793, it's turning out to be, overall, a good long step forward. However, UI still strikes me as having a number of "changes for change's sake". Notably, the new slider for where the player is in a track (1/4 way through? 2/3 through?) is now an display of approximate volume, but the "front to back - how far are we?" full bar is missing. Right now I have 56 min track running, and there's no hint, from the sliding volume plot, where in the track the player is. The sliding bar is, ultimately, nice to look at but of little practical value. The thing of value, the original slider is no longer present. I'll repeat comments from other posts, there's no apparent way to shuffle only inside the current queue. Probably the biggest problem I've had with PP is the lack of some sort of user manual to explain the many features and how to use them.
  17. I may be repeating an earlier post (can't find it, if I even saved/submitted it.) One complaint was about turning off the spectrum, etc. - I found it. Strike that complaint. I complained about not being able to shuffle only within the queue. If the capability exists, I can't find it. Does it exist? If not, please add soonest, ignoring every other "want it yesterday" request, of course.
  18. Necro-posting but... Does 793 address " How do I sort by artist, sort the artist's albums by date, and sort each album by track number "
  19. Necro-posting but... I don't see "Ignore Queue" in the 793 Queue options. Does this function exist somewhere else?
  20. Agreed. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - the UI never left me thinking this is broken. Aside from being unable to limit shuffling to the queue or playlist in use.
  21. I think that Nu Phi Nguyen is getting to something I think is missing in the PA shuffling options, too. I have a collection of Euro Techno tracks. They aren't in albums, they're tracks that aren't in an album sequence. If I take either a playlist of, say, "every track by Worakls", or I enqueue Worakls and N'To material, none of the shuffles let me shuffle just the queue or playlist. The shuffle options are too broad. I want to stay focused on my queue or playlist. AFAIK it's not in PA.
  22. Well, he gets an attaboy and two thumbs up, too. [/ big grin ]
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