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  1. You've described my strategy for playing my various lists' tunes randomly and staying in the list with the repeat option. I'm good to go. Now, about that pesky power issue...
  2. The key point in the answer to my question is "'hit shuffle' while playing the artist or playlist". Comprehension slowly dawns. For clarification's sake, "hit shuffle" means, in this setting, selecting "shuffle songs"?
  3. I'm baffled about the [potential] ambiguity here. NTL "shuffle songs" used, while playing a playlist's contents, accomplishes what I want to do: play my 80's (or Jesse Cook, or Jimmy Buffet, or Santiano, or...) tunes, listed in a playlist, in random order without finding PA jumping into my euro-techno or any other material not in the playlist. Or, "mission accomplished".
  4. As a comparison, I used TI to "freeze" PA, rebooted to be sure PA was effectively uninstalled, and have been running PlayerPro for about four hours so far. GSam projects another four hours before the battery is fully discharged. By now, under PA, the battery would be dead. Granted this is, in some regards, comparing apples and oranges, but it does point to PA causing battery problems.
  5. As in the structure that carries a list of files to be played. I don't see where the question is headed. [/ head scratching]
  6. Count me as another "auto-scan off, chromcast button off, no change" users. GSam identifies PA as using 29$% of battery use since 100% charge. At the moment, GSam predicts about 2:44 for the battery to go flat. About the only good news here is the phone, while warm, is nowhere near as hot as before. I'm using a set of wired Klipsch buds (i.e., not BT). The screen shows TOD, state of charge, and a notification of the song title. Whatever's going on, PA is using far too much power. Charge level drops a point or two in a few minutes.
  7. I'll follow up, posting on the thread you mention. For the record, auto-scan and chromecast turned off haven't changed a thing.
  8. It sounds as though shuffle songs works as I want: scramble all songs within a particular artist. I tried sliding the art to see what comes after the current song. I haven't jumped from Garth Brooks to Bob Marley - so far. Playing confirms that - so far.
  9. Some of PA's choices for album and artist art can be frustrating. For example, Album art uses artist art while album art is either the default jagged line or something irrelevant. Similarly, album art can be irrelevant or missing. At a minimum, being to designate artist art from album art or vice versa is better than nothing. Being able to search for, and use, user selected art for the artist or album art and swap art already recognized by PA would be even better.
  10. It appears that PA is a serious battery eater, cycle burner. Starting from about 90% charge, the battery on my rooted (otherwise stock ROM, and Andy 7.0) Sammy S7 is close to flat within about 5 hours. This is using plugged in Klipsch earbuds .In addition battery consumption, the phone gets noticeably hot (no warm). High battery consumption and hot phone all point to a very busy CPU. What's going on here?
  11. AFAIK there is no option to shuffle only the contents of a play list. I'd love to be proven wrong on this. Example: a play list from a captured day of 80's programming - knowing tune A is predictably followed by tune B gets old. If there isn't some existing way to do this (How??), consider adding same.
  12. MP3Tag gets it done for me, but bouncing tune files back and forth from phone to PC and back is a little "that's the best that can be done??". None of the apps really gets the job done on my phone.
  13. I am utterly baffled by the shuffle system in general. Picking the example here, how to shuffle only Artist's albums' contents, how does "Shuffle Categories" limit shuffling to just Artist's albums???
  14. I'll post a separate thread on my battery concern. However, having a task killer for PA isn't IMHO a bad idea. PA appears to be a serious battery eater; being able to kill it outright should ease some of that problem. I'm not 100% certain BT loss alone should kill PA, but there should be a way to kill it without much effort.
  15. OK, I get that, and it's a fair complaint/request. I think my suggestion of adding a "randomize" modifier resolves the problem of accidental or unwanted shuffles. Enable randomizing and it happens, disable it and all is what other users want. Strictly speaking duplication (same track twice) is as much a random result as getting a (desired) non-duplication. The fix is to check what is playing against the next track to be played. If the current and next track match, randomize again. (Think about rolling two dice - it's possible that, out of the twelve possible results (guessing), the results may be a duplicate of the last roll (not guessing). With a huge playlist, duplication can still happen, only the odds of that happening are far less. Chance is like that [/ grin])
  16. Er, why? Or at least why not allow it in a limited number of situations (e.g., song shuffles).
  17. Playing one track and then sliding the track artwork gives the same sequence every time. Cycling through the shuffle options does create a new ordering. IMHO this is a workaround, albeit a useful one. My suggestion is to create a "shuffle song with new random order" mode that does the suggested "cycle through modes back to song mode" without stepping through the modes. Or add a random modifier (i.e. never the same shuffle sequence) that can be applied for all shuffle modes.
  18. I guess the two threads can be merged. However I think the easiest way to continue is to post a link to my thread. Otherwise the sequence of questions and answers may be confusing. Or not. It's your choice. 😊
  19. No question about being in playlist mode, as confirmed by tapping the metadata. I think this thread is now almost completely related to "Shuffle on in currently playing playlist or queue". It's probably best, to avoid duplication, cross-posting, and general chaos, to stick with replies to that thread. [/ smile ]
  20. There are 14 tracks in the playlist. I now seem to have shuffling of a sort. That is, by clicking on the shuffle icon, I can find my way to "Songs" and the order of tracks in the playlist is, in fact, not the order in the playlist. All well and good. But... The shuffle is not random in that the shuffle provides the same (shuffled) order. Instead of a random shuffle when skipping forward or backward, the list remains the same, albeit not in the original order. For example, the list opens with two N'to tracks, a single Worakls track, three N'to tracks. The shuffle now becomes N'to's opening track in the list, two Workals tracks, three N'to tracks, etc. Not a random, non-repeating shuffle.
  21. I'm totally confused. I tried Andre's suggestion and got a random track not on the playlist. As far as I can see, scramble within a list doesn't exist. At not as a one-click choice.
  22. Went there, tried that. The playlist has two artists : N'to and Worakls. Playing the first track, by N'to, the next track is by N'to but it's not on the playlist.
  23. I don't see how the procedure above meets the request below. Rala wrote "It would be nice if this button shuffles only the current list and don't goes to the next list after that list."
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