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  1. I went through several cycles of power down and up - it didn't make any difference. Additionally, Play finally calmed down. Something is hammering power put even the obvious villain (Play whatever) seems to have either calmed down or is waiting for another round of power grabbing. Somewhere there has to be a tool to point at what's going on outside of PA that sucks down power. Sigh...
  2. Another data point, looking some info about Google play. For some reason, Firefox started to cycle through "just crashed - OK this report?" crashes, one immediately after the previous one. After serious round of Oh S***! I found a way to Titanium to freeze (almost an uninstall) Firefox. End of problem. But the phone's still hot. What's going on here??? GSam battery monitor said Google Play was taking about 12% of consumption, with Google Play Services pulling down about 8%, or 20% altogether. It seems that somehow PA may be tickling Google Play into acting up. I'd temporarily freeze Play and Play Svc but suspect that might break something that really matters. Has anyone else seen this or have a sense of how much I can do to Play?
  3. Hmmm... Maybe using airplane mode points to a possible source for the problem. With phone and wifi connections disabled, and no more than BT between buds/speakers and the phone, the phone is disconnected from the rest of the world. Which suggests some sort of continuous activity between PA and somewhere outside of the phone. "All" that's left is to figure out what that activity is, and how to stop it, or at least throttle it. Since we power over-consumption sufferers are in a very small set of all users, it's pretty much to guessing at a cause. The notion of effectively disconnecting the phone to use PA has, I think, problems. For example, I use PA to keep me amused while running around on my tractor to cut grass (close to 3 hours if all goes well). If I can't take calls while I'm out... Not Good. In any case, I think going back to .820 didn't really do much good. On to .833...
  4. Re VLC: Whatever gets the job done, there you are. For me, I see complaints about file formats, not working well with video, choking on playing back 4K video on a local HDD, the list goes painfully on and on. (Your reply to Blaubär came in while I was busy dissing VLC.) Just so I have things right, you used flight mode and then enabled BT. What about WiFi? If you left WiFi off, are you saying that, in effect, an interaction between PA and WiFi causes excessive drain? Also, which version of PA are you using?
  5. @andrewilley @blaubär I didn't realize that the number of folks with problems are enough/so few as to be effectively lost in the noise. Darn... the problem is very real. Being rooted, it's easy enough to freeze (make disappear) almost anything, including excess Google stuff. If only I knew what to nuc... @FinisRonin IMHO VLC is about the last app I'd consider. Even in the PC world it's too fragile, cranky, and unwilling to do stuff to make it very useful. I recommend looking for a better Plan B.
  6. I'm baffled about the problem not being reproducible from the production (v. consumer) side when many consumers, including me, experience the problem. This isn't a criticism, just a "I don't get it". Could it be the production side doesn't have items that are common to consumers? Too bad I don't have a spare phone to a) confirm for myself the problem exists, and b) lone it for examination. Oh well too bad I don't have free beer, either.
  7. AFAIK PA is now up to 832. Is power consumption addressed in the update?
  8. For me, using .820 seems to have moved in the right direction for reducing power consumption. I wonder how much consumption is "playing music" and how much is the process beyond reading the MP3, etc. and how much is feeding the BT or 'phones at the end of the process. In loose terms, how much power does playing consume, how much does audio processing (filters, etc.) consume, and how much does driving speakers, etc. consume. All of that is by way of wondering if .83n is is eating power in signal processing.
  9. Um... rooting plays very little role in this save TI's what saved me from spending another $4. Google effectively said "well, yes, it's in your library of installations but you have pay for it anyway." I certainly don't begrudge the donation, but I do expect Google to respond to the key being in my installations library. In any case, that's water over the bridge or under the dam. TI (which requires rooting) got past Google; TI still had a backup copy of the key. That's hardly TI and rooting causing problems. The .820 d/l problem remains a mystery. I'll play with that a bit further in case my d/l functions are somehow in trouble. Thanks for the suggestion about stopping auto-updates. I did that after seeing the update to .83whatever come in. Needless to say, I killed that update, and will manually update until the power consumption issue is resolved. Anyway, this sub-thread is OT. I'm grateful it wasn't drop-kicked off into the bit bucket. Others maybe not so much.
  10. When I tried to reload the key, using the same account, Play said, "$3.99, please". TI, wisely, left a backup for me to find once I got my finger out...
  11. Understood. Fortunately, TI protected me from having to pay $3.99 a second time because I uninstalled the key. Yea for backups! At this point I'm ready to test .820's battery consumption. Great thanks for your help with returning me to .820.
  12. Argh! I slid right past backing up playlists. OTOH, I did get some better album art. Win some, lose some. Anyway .820 is up and running. One last round of questions and and I think this sub-thread reaches its (long sought for) end. At what point did the "pay to play" key app take over? Is it safe to use the current version of the key without running into compatibility issues tied to keeping .820 running? Or does .820 even a problem with continuing to run for an unlimited time?
  13. I tried Chrome and still no joy. I used FX (File Explorer) to install the apk; I had to use root to get the apk installed. That's the good news. The bad news is 820 repeatedly stops. At the moment 83whatever is frozen with Titanium (AKA TI), which means Andy doesn't know it exists. Ditto the pro unlock. PA launches and then stops to the point of showing a message about "keeps stopping" or close that. Of course a crash log is created. I haven't sent it yet, pending whether something is really broken or my phone's to blame. Samsung S7, Andy 7.0, rooted but stock ROM.
  14. No joy - I got the same results. I'll move the apk across from my PC.
  15. Here's how FX reports the d/l: Poweramp-v3-build-820-uni_apk.bc54bb0ef3456ef0a98d7ef17dbec1eb Scary, eh what.
  16. OK, probably OT but... I downloaded 820, expecting an apk but... it sure ain't that. FX will look into the file as an archive, and the contents look about what I'd expect. In other words, looks good to me. My apk installer says this isn't an apk. How do I install 820 over the current PA? Sort of nevermind about the above. I went after 820 from my PC and I got an .apk. Which is fine. But why didn't it download as an apk on my phone? Weird... The S7's version of the file name has what seems to be all sorts of check sums or security strings in the name, and "_apk_" is embedded in all of that.
  17. I may be going OT but... Please add support for .wav tag editing. AFAIK PA doesn't handle .wav tags well, if at all. At the moment, I'm using Mp3Tag to edit wav tags and then loading to my phone. Kinda clunky...
  18. You've described my strategy for playing my various lists' tunes randomly and staying in the list with the repeat option. I'm good to go. Now, about that pesky power issue...
  19. The key point in the answer to my question is "'hit shuffle' while playing the artist or playlist". Comprehension slowly dawns. For clarification's sake, "hit shuffle" means, in this setting, selecting "shuffle songs"?
  20. I'm baffled about the [potential] ambiguity here. NTL "shuffle songs" used, while playing a playlist's contents, accomplishes what I want to do: play my 80's (or Jesse Cook, or Jimmy Buffet, or Santiano, or...) tunes, listed in a playlist, in random order without finding PA jumping into my euro-techno or any other material not in the playlist. Or, "mission accomplished".
  21. As a comparison, I used TI to "freeze" PA, rebooted to be sure PA was effectively uninstalled, and have been running PlayerPro for about four hours so far. GSam projects another four hours before the battery is fully discharged. By now, under PA, the battery would be dead. Granted this is, in some regards, comparing apples and oranges, but it does point to PA causing battery problems.
  22. As in the structure that carries a list of files to be played. I don't see where the question is headed. [/ head scratching]
  23. Count me as another "auto-scan off, chromcast button off, no change" users. GSam identifies PA as using 29$% of battery use since 100% charge. At the moment, GSam predicts about 2:44 for the battery to go flat. About the only good news here is the phone, while warm, is nowhere near as hot as before. I'm using a set of wired Klipsch buds (i.e., not BT). The screen shows TOD, state of charge, and a notification of the song title. Whatever's going on, PA is using far too much power. Charge level drops a point or two in a few minutes.
  24. I'll follow up, posting on the thread you mention. For the record, auto-scan and chromecast turned off haven't changed a thing.
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