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  1. Hey @maxmp I've got a question. im using Sony xperia Z5 and i just check from GSM arena that my phone can play 24bit/192 Khz audio. But my output in Wired Hi-Res output only samples at 96 khz. Just want to clarify is it a software or just a mistske from gsm arena. And in terms of better output quality, OpenSL ES HD vs Hi-Res output? Thanks
  2. If max is already working on Oreo, this means that he is done for nougat right? Why not release a v4 for stable nougat and for us to test it out
  3. Just like to share that after researching, Xperia Z5 is capable of playing 24bit/192 khz but while using 704 build, My phone only plays at 96 khz. i hope its just a bug that would be fix in V3 update
  4. Unable to play at Hi-Res. My device is Sony Xperia Z5. Currently running 704 beta. when using wired it will automatically switch to OpenSL ES output
  5. Sony Xperia Z5 Nougat 7.0 (stock) https://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/xperia/technologies/sound/
  6. Same with me. im using before 703 in lollipop. Then after upgrading to nougat, it disappeared. So i downloaded 704 but still not there Device: xperia z5
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