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  1. still no response in mail. can you check the attachment to see whether there is a problem in my android account setting? i already added the outlook mail as android account.
  2. mail sent. but no reply so far. Thank you
  3. i am an user from china. I purchased Poweramp from the website, account is: a****g@aliyun.com Later i found that i cannot connect this email to my android account. So i purchased again via another email. a*****g@outlook.com when i try to unlock by "website" button. It said the account is not connected to my device (actually i already connect the second email account and sync is enabled) when i try to unlock by unlocker. It pass the certificate at the beginning. However, failure of authorization pop up a bit while later. My device vivo xplay 6. version of Poweramp is 703 alpha (have to use the alpha version since 5xx do not support dsd files). The version of unlocker is 1.0 ( dont know how to get a new version of unlocker) I purchased 2 accounts and both of them do not work now
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