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  1. Same here, I haven't been able to use my USB drive via OTG since I updated to Oreo. I'm using a Xiaomi MI5 with lineageOS.
  2. Thanks Andre, just saw the options using the 3 dots on the right, it's been a while since I first configured it. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi there, I've been using Poweramp full version for a few years. Recently formatted my device (Xiaomi MI5) and installed the latest lineageOS. As soon as I reinstalled Poweramp saw that the option to sort albums by year is missing as well as the option to edit the main menu. Usually I only put Artists and Albums there, I'm not interested in All Songs or Music Genre options. Please help, I'm going crazy here, have over 60 GB of music and it's really annoying not having the albums sorted chronologically. Thanks. PS. Poweramp rocks!
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