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  1. Poweramp Version : v3-build-847-arm64-play [847004-b72f05e2] Device Model : Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Not supports 5G / SM-G975N) Android Version : 10 First, sorry for my poor English. I am participating on Samsung's new Android 10 beta testing program. (One UI 2, Android 10) Errors are occured on second updated version of One UI 2. However, Poweramp works well on first version. Following errors are occuring in my device: 1. On this version, when I turn on the applicaion and touch library and search icon, I cannot access both pages. 2. When I try to move on next or previous song using status bar, It doesn't work. 3. I cannot see album arts and metadata on now playing screen. 4. I can only play, pause, and move forward or before by sliding on progress bar. 5. I can only play a song that I played lastly before second update. 6. Poweramp can successfully scan my SD card and device storage. On setting, 2700 songs and several folders are correctly displayed. For better understanding on this situation, I attached a screenshot.
  2. 1. Device : Samsung Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965N) 2. Android Version : 8.0.0 (Stock Rom) 3. Reason : Exynos 9810 model has Cirrus Logic CS47L93, and Snapdragon 845 model has Qualcomm WCD9341. My phone has Exynos and I post this with my 'audio_policy_configuration.xml'. audio_policy_configuration.xml
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