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  1. @danhash: I am having gapless issues (see my reply in another post about it), but after after reading your post I am beginning to wonder if this "fade-in issue" is actually causing or contributing to it...?
  2. I have same issues and tried the suggestions above, i.e: disable all crossfade options and put all timers to their lowest values. Gapless playback seems to have inproved (more reliable), however still there's a small silence / skip between the tracks that I can't get rid of... Doesn't matter if I play the gapless album from internal or external storage. I noticed that the gapless timers can's actually be set to zero, but the main to minimum 1000 ms and others to 50 ms only. Could this still be causing the issues ?? Or could it be some "hidden" fade-in feature (as suggested in a different post elsewhere on the forum) and if yes, how can it be disabled ? => Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂
  3. HTC 10 Android 7 Nougat hi-res audio output option is not available anymore for Bluetooth (with previous Android it worked in Poweramp however). Hi-res audio output option for wired headphones is available, but seems to be unstable (after a few songs, error messages of failed output appear...). (the above situation is with Alpha build 704). Hopefully this get's corrected soon as I was very happy with the hi-res sound quality over Bluetooth in combination with my Sony MDR-1000X before Android Nougat...
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