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  1. 1 hour ago, SHARD said:

    I haven't had any trouble enabling DVC, but I'm getting severely reduced volume with it on as well. As far as I understand, that's not unexpected behavior, and it's worth it for the massive bass boost it allows.

    I'm on an S9+ for reference.

    As I know, meizu and oneplus do not have this trouble. They get boosted volume in fact.

  2. Hello
    Samsung S8 Exynos variant still get problem : in audio setting DVC is said to be disabled by ROM by actually it is enabled. I went to audio output setting and use Open SL ES Hi-res output and turn on disable DVC for it and then DVC is disabled finally.

    I don’t hate DVC. To be honest I love DVC but on Samsung Oreo seems that DVC is not compatible with system. When DVC is turned on the sound becomes very small,  can’t hear it with normal volume. I need very high volume to make music to be able to hear. Do you have this problem?


  3. (Sorry for a topic in wrong place but i can’t change it😭)

    I have used Poweramp for about 2 yrs now and I really love the sound of it. 

    Recently I came across a music app called Neutron Music Player and it provide an option to enable “Follow source frequency” .

    I find this option useful cuz I have many audio tracks which differ in dit depth and sample rate (16/44100 24/48000 24/96000 1/5644000)

    Except for the dsd file, I wonder if we can have this option in Poweramp, too.For a long time the sample rate in Poweramp’s Open SL ES Hi-res output has been updated to up to 192khz+. And most of us can change the sample rate without any sound loss or software crashes. So I think the option I mentioned formerly can be developed with some days.

    I’m not asking Maxmp for him to working harder, SORRY if rude. I just want to start a new topic to find if the other users want this feature too.

    We all want to listen to true music lol🤤


  4. Oneplus 5T

    Stock Oxygen OS 8.1.0

    Snapdragon 835 is with 24bit/(96kHz+) support



    direct_pcm {
            sampling_rates 8000|11025|12000|16000|22050|24000|32000|44100|48000|64000|88200|96000|176400|192000|352800|384000
            flags AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_DIRECT


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