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  1. As I know, meizu and oneplus do not have this trouble. They get boosted volume in fact.
  2. Hello Samsung S8 Exynos variant still get problem : in audio setting DVC is said to be disabled by ROM by actually it is enabled. I went to audio output setting and use Open SL ES Hi-res output and turn on disable DVC for it and then DVC is disabled finally. I don’t hate DVC. To be honest I love DVC but on Samsung Oreo seems that DVC is not compatible with system. When DVC is turned on the sound becomes very small, can’t hear it with normal volume. I need very high volume to make music to be able to hear. Do you have this problem? Thanks.
  3. (Sorry for a topic in wrong place but i can’t change it😭) I have used Poweramp for about 2 yrs now and I really love the sound of it. Recently I came across a music app called Neutron Music Player and it provide an option to enable “Follow source frequency” . I find this option useful cuz I have many audio tracks which differ in dit depth and sample rate (16/44100 24/48000 24/96000 1/5644000) Except for the dsd file, I wonder if we can have this option in Poweramp, too.For a long time the sample rate in Poweramp’s Open SL ES Hi-res output has been updated to up to 192khz+. And most of us can change the sample rate without any sound loss or software crashes. So I think the option I mentioned formerly can be developed with some days. I’m not asking Maxmp for him to working harder, SORRY if rude. I just want to start a new topic to find if the other users want this feature too. We all want to listen to true music lol🤤
  4. Well I think the overlaid word is no matter if they have some transparency and can also match the color of the album cover. BTW, we can see that if the dpi is low(aka display size=small), the layer is no matter because it is so small on screen. All I want is hi-res XD
  5. OnePlus 5T Official OxygenOS Android 8.1 Now it has OpenSL ES HD output but always has gliches. Maybe it can be fixed? Or updated to Hi-res? audio_policy.conf
  6. Oneplus 5T Stock Oxygen OS 8.1.0 Snapdragon 835 is with 24bit/(96kHz+) support
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