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  1. 6 hours ago, maxmp said:

    @Duarian Android can't distinguish between Unlocker app and main Poweramp app, so various stats may appear for either one or another app. Also, some Android variants will incorrectly calculate Unlocker app size.

    Btw, you can remove Unlocker if license is verified and stored on the device (see Poweramp / Settings / About). Though, those stats will just move to Poweramp main app.


    Thanks Max,


    What would be causing Poweramp to use that much data? I don't stream anything on mobile data...

  2. @maxmp just curious if you've tried casting to the Google home (nest) hub, and minimizing Poweramp on the hub itself? Every time I do it audio just clips and stops playing unless Poweramp is open.

    this is on the hub, casting to everything else works fine. As long as I leave Poweramp as the 'top' app on the hub it streams. Doesn't matter if I turn the phone screen off or not. As soon as I swipe Poweramp to the background on the hub it seems to clip and just doesn't continue playing audio.

  3. 5 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Sounds like the device is not allowing PA to continue running properly while it is asleep.

    Check in PA Settings > Misc to ensure Wakelock and Keep Service are enabled,  and also check in the device's power saving menu to ensure PA is excluded from any power saving features. 


    Can you even do that on the nest hub? This isn't an issue with the phone mind you...it's casting to the nest hub itself.


    Unfortunately I've tried both of those and even cranking the buffer size up to max on Poweramp. Same result. On the nest hub if Poweramp is not open audio is unplayable 😕

  4. I thought this was a hub issue, but every other music player I try this with works flawlessly.


    When casting to the nest/Google home hub, music plays perfectly as long as the app is on display on the hub itself. However, if I minimize Poweramp on the hub and let the display 'sleep' or go ambient, audio stutters.


    If the app is active, audio plays fine. I've tested this same process with other music players and music continues regardless of the screen going ambient or not. 


    Has anyone else replicated this or found a solution? 

  5. 52 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    @Duarian it's here: 


    Thanks max!


    I can also confirm same as Andre the alternate method sadly doesn't solve the cast to AVR problem. I'll keep using the Google home app to cast to that. If you need anything else tested please let me know. I'd love to solve this issue 

  6. 2 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    My Onkyo amp (TX-NR555) has the same problem with Chromecast from PA. Max is still looking into the issues, but thinks it may need even larger buffering.


    Good to know! I'm running the TX-NR686. I see he put up a test build with a different streaming method. I'd be interested to try that as well.

  7. Hello,

      I realize this is probably linked to the older cast version of my Onkyo AVR (it's using 1.28). Poweramp will play music for about 15 seconds, and then disconnect from my AVR. It does work on all of my Google homes.. unsurprisingly.


    Curious thing is black player streams to the AVR just fine. I realize this isn't Google's cast by a long shot, but when I use black player or even mirror my device using the Google home app I have no issues.


    Just thought maybe I would report it. I'd love for this to work, but understand that max can't test every possible cast version. I've already bumped up the buffer size to max for Chromecast, the end result sadly is the same.

  8. Is there any way to remove the second 'skip'  and 'previous' buttons from the player/widget? I find myself accidentally pressing them and it skips to the next genre...or whatever type I am listening to rather than skipping the song as I intended to do.

  9. 4 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    If I set an EQ value, leave PA (or even reboot the device) and then tap back on the PA icon to start it again, the EQ is still set to the same values as before. Could be an Android 9 issue maybe (I'm using 6.0.1 on my main device). 

    (duplicate threads merged)

    It may be...I'm on my pixel 2. I've definitely had to go in and re-enable EQ and tone various times throughout the day.


    Happens on Bluetooth, headphones, Android auto... The USB C connection may be the source? I haven't been able to pinpoint how or when it happens though...but like the above posts I'll go in and randomly EQ and Tone are disabled.

  10. I noticed this happening when I connect my phone to my car for Android Auto. Even though I assigned the preset to every possible device/song/genre in the list.. it still turned off.


    After I cleared the presets, and applied it again WHILE hooked up to android auto, it seemed to stick.


    Edit:Nevermind. Hooked it up to Android auto and it turned itself off. Literally every option is marked for equaliser use.

  11. On 2/2/2019 at 3:37 AM, maxmp said:

    Last Poweramp exploits Android media (session/browser/etc.) API fully to support Android Audio + Assistant, and your headunit reads 3rd line from Queue, instead of MediaMetadata info (the current played track). Queue items have the layout as you described (3rd line is the “meta” info - same as in Poweramp lists).

    This is a minor issue on headset side, as queue is an optional _list_, and the current playing track should be retrieved from MediaMetadata (where title/artist/album are separate fields and no “meta” exists). Nevertheless I think this can’t be worked around e.g. with some extra option.

    Did you mean to say CAN be worked around, or can't be fixed?


    Poweramp is the only player I have this issue with sadly. Every other player displays the correct information.

  12. 16 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Please see posts earlier in this thread on the same subject (a couple of days ago).


    Gotcha. Unfortunately that fix is only temporary as one of the settings in Android auto keeps re-enabling itself. Looks like it's a bug though and hopefully max will take care of it.

  13. I created a topic on this..but not sure if this is a better place to get responses.


    My album on my Bluetooth in my car is showing the duration, file type, and equaliser setting and combining artist+album. Any way to get them to display their actual tags instead of the wrong info in Album?

  14. Something odd I've noticed with build 820 is that when I'm on bluetooth. My Album tag simply shows the duration and file type instead of the album. The album/album artist are consolidated into the 'album artist' tag. Pictures shown below (sorry about the quality). Is there maybe a setting somewhere I am missing that would be causing this? I was messing with some Android Auto settings and it seems to have resolved it..but the particular setting shown below keeps turning itself back on.

    This is a picture of them being combined (incorrect):

    This is correct:


    I THINK I was able to achieve the tag separation by toggling an Android Auto setting shown here. The issue is, this setting keeps turning itself back on when I re-connect to bluetooth:

  15. 3 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    You can configure this behaviour, in Poweramp Settings > Look and Feel > Notifications.


    Hey Andre,


    I've already configured it to not 'keep' notification. If you pause from the drop down, it stays no matter what setting you have it on.


    Edit: nevermind. It's working properly today. Not sure what was going on..

  16. I've noticed that when pausing the player from the notification itself - the notification stays until manually dismissed. Is this intended?


    If I pause from the widget, or the player itself it goes away. Just seems to stay if you pause it from the notification pull down.

  17. 4 hours ago, blaubär said:

    What you would need is a multi-level-queue: you start with level 1 and add to the bottom there, but then you can add to queue level 2, and this would play immediately, as long as there are items in level 2. And so forth, with arbitrary queue levels, it would always first play the ones with the highest number first, and you could decide in which level to put the next new songs.

    Might be a bit overblown, though.😀

    Haha yeah, there are other players that simply have a 'play next' option that adds the song to the next in line and will continue with the queue afterwards. Guess I was looking for something similar. I rarely use it but it was nice to have :)

  18. I'm on build 814 and a little confused how the queue feature works.

    My understanding was... if I add an album to the queue, and then decide I want to just hear a specific song from a different album that I could just long press on that song and press 'queue'. It would then put this song 'next' in line to be played.

    Is that not how the Poweramp queue works? I notice it is sending the song to the bottom of the queue which makes sense.. but is there any way to just say 'play next' and then continue on with the playlist/queue?


  19. Poweramps shuffle still baffles me after all these years. I don't quite understand what each one does..


    I play music by genre, and would just like to shuffle a specific genre of music. Is there any way to do that?


    Shuffle all songs simply shuffles all of the music on my phone (as anticipated)

    The other shuffle categories just seem to shuffle songs by album, and will not move on until said album is complete..


    Is there just a simple way, to shuffle all songs in an entire genre without playing other genres?

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