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  1. Andre, thanks for the fast reply, much appreciated. To fix the problem, I know that I could just re-install the Poweramp app, but... I've done quite a lot of editing to my music library; Album Titles, Song # on the disc, year released, album artwork etc... how would I back-up all of that to ensure I wouldn't have to waste time editing all over again. Do you know if all of that information is kept in a certain folder, and if so, where? or if there's another app I could use to back up the current state of Poweramp to my pc and recover it later if necessary? Would love to fix the Treble
  2. Hi, new to the forums here. Downloaded Poweramp about a year ago, more than worth the few bucks for the unlock... great player. Quick question about V3, I noticed that my treble knob (in tone menu) doesn't respond or alter the sound in any way. It simply stopped working. The other knobs, like Bass and Stereo X work fine. I have a Galaxy Grand Prime running Android 5.1.1 I've looked through these forums for a solution, as well as a general search online and have found nothing, although other users seem to have experienced the exact same problem. My question about V3 is, will it
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