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  1. 2 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    There are lots of discussions in this thread, so could you provide a bit more detail? What your precise problem is, Android and Poweramp versions, output device details, etc.


    Sure, here:

    Chromecast model NC2-6A5

    Poweramp build 895-905

    Samsung s10+ android 11

    Chromecast is added in Google Home

    Behaviour: I can see my chromecast in Poweramp twice for some reason, neither one if them work. After casting, I can see that Poweramp is connected to my chromecast (Poweramp logo shows) and I can see the song name. Image (music cover) is not sent/visible. Poweramp appears to be playing the song, but every 2-3 seconds it skips back it's playback (basically stuck) and no sound is comming back from the chromecast (like the first post mentioned, same behaviour). Chromecast shows that it's playing, but music duration is stuck in one place and, no sound come out.

    Music cast does work in other apps (example "Hi-Fi cast - Music Player" - android) or from MusicBee - Windows

    Both devices are connected to same wifi, phone is on VPN (local network vpn - no ports are blocked). Disabling my VPN does nothing.

    I was so happy getting my friends Chromecast to be able to use it with my favourite music player (been using the app for 6 years now, what a ride), but here we are :D



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