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  1. Hi, on stock HTC 10 hi-res output works fine. Can it be added also for LOS 16 (custom rom)?
  2. sometimes reboot or app data delete solves the issue, if it still doesnt work and you have your htc 10 with magisk installed, you can try Ainur Sauron module. For me, it fixed every issue I ever had (random hi-res fail to play, not actually playing hi-res at all)
  3. If you have rooted phone, you can always check if it is working by opening any terminal emulator app, typing 'su' (to grant access) and entering 'dumpsys media.audio_flinger' and searching for audio output (headphone, speaker etc). Check sample rate and format. On these screenshots you can clearly see it works. Thought it is wonky sometimes. I hope the stability will be improved. Now as it is, any vendor build-in audio effect forces using 48k/16bit (at least on HTC 10, viper not counting)
  4. HTC Desire 10 lifestyle Android 6.0.1, software number 1.07.401.1 http://www.htc.com/uk/smartphones/htc-desire-10-lifestyle/audio/ They say it everywhere
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