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  1. jlgood50

    Track Names Missing

    https://www.dropbox.com/preview/Can't Help Myself.wma?role=personal https://www.dropbox.com/preview/Chain Of Fools.wma?role=personal https://www.dropbox.com/preview/Hold On. I'm Comin'.wma?role=personal https://www.dropbox.com/preview/I Second That Emotion.wma?role=personal I right clicked on the files & it said copy link, instead of "Dropbox link".There are 4 songs that come up as just the track number instead of the name of the song. Would it be OK to convert my entire library from WMA to MP3, or start over with ITunes converting to MP3?
  2. jlgood50

    Track Names Missing

    Ok, guys, back from one trip, off on another 8 day trip tomorrow. I tried to attach a few song files on this page, but they were too large. I did open a Dropbox account and loaded a few song files for you to look at the files. How can I share them with you?
  3. jlgood50

    Track Names Missing

    The reason why I convert my music files to WMA, is because they seem to play & show the track name and artist on most car & bus radios. Some other formats only listed them as track 1 etc. I know to you guys that's a lame excuse, but it works for me. If there is a better file I should use, let me know. I think MP3 files should read on any player or vehicle radio, but I thought the compression would make the music not sound as good as WMA or WAV files. Please remember, I'm an old guy bumping 70, so I'm trying to learn some of this, new to me, tech stuff while making people happy listening to music. I'm not giving up on PA..... No way!!
  4. jlgood50

    Track Names Missing

    I don't think I've ever used a file sharing site.... Just an old guy that is just a little tech savvy....I think I had a Dropbox account a couple of years ago, but never used it so I think it is closed. It just seems strange that everything was working good. Most of my music files are purchased from ITunes & then I convert them to WMA files using Xillisoft premium file converter. As soon as I installed Musicolet, it listed all the track names properly, it can't be anything to do with the files. I have recommended Poweramp to all my bus passengers who only have the basic phone music player. Appreciate your help very much!!
  5. jlgood50

    Track Names Missing

    Not sure exactly, I use WMA files for the songs, make the folder on the computer & drag them to the SD card on the phone. Everything has worked well up until recently. I Uninstaller & reloaded the App twice. Totally rescanned all the folders twice. Nothing changed.... Uninstalled again, installed Musicolet & it lists all track names.... I really want to keep Poweramp, but need to see the track names as I play music for groups on my tour bus...
  6. Ever since one of the last updates, some of my music folders only show the first two tracks with the song names & the rest of the songs say track 3, track 4 etc. It doesn't matter if there are 20 songs in the folder or 50 songs. Everything used to be perfect, as all songs & artists were listed properly. Now it is difficult trying to play specific songs with no track name.. Any ideas before I seek a different music player?