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  1. +1 for that) Like an idea. Have only Spotify & Google Music enabled((
  2. Hah! Thanks! I didn't even noticed that and doesn't really go there. Was afraid to mess it up even worse, but didn't remember this option either.. This is from the new (yesterdays 2018-12-27) release? Anyway, since yesterday I've updated the PA app all works fine and I didn't notice the previous behavior and now this option is ON ))) Thank you and PA team! Glad that this issue (at least from my prospective) was fixed practically immediately 😁 😁 - I've received the update notification (!)10 minutes after post my comment :)))))))
  3. Double that, LG V30 is great! ..but for now, experiencing, I hope, the temporary bug with Experimental pa's 'Hi-Res Output' but it seems like Max will deal with it soon))
  4. Hi, Have the same issue on my LG V30 (H930DS) Android 8.0, Poweramp Build 814. When I switch to Hi-Res Output for Wired Headset/AUX sound goes to speakers. Can turn off DVC in Wired Headset/AUX's Settings but then sound better through OpenSL ES so no go there(( Could work after restart phone/reinstall app (tried both so idk what made the difference) but it's only briefly and all, unfortunately, backs to speakers after a while. Please, advice preferable configuration if it's the issue. Please, help because the music was the only reason I bought LG V30 and Poweramp is the best player!)))) P.S: also, advice what should I change so my volume levels stay in Hi-Res Output 75 levels and not jump 5 levels (I mean 5-10-15-20... and so on to 75)
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