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  1. W├╝rde mich nicht mal ansatzweise wundern. Glaub da schon lange nicht mehr dran.
  2. Many people have been waiting for an update for two years, then a closed beta is expected to be distributed to people who have always said yes and amen, regardless of the fact that it is difficult after a year of silence to take this seriously. Let us surprise.
  3. I like to talk directly and clearly. Almostst a year later and nothing happened. In 46 years of life and 7 or 8 years Android I have never experienced such a behavior. No new feedback, nothing. Poor and hard.
  4. Why? he wrote back that in May certainly an update comes, then it was August, then nothing came. No matter what would be called now for a period, all unbelievable. Sad but true.
  5. Maybe Santa will bring an update personally to each of us. Since May the Blabla of an update, 9 months and nothing has changed. The whole thing is just incredible
  6. It is annoying me to be so negative as to the subject but. Every few months Time a few git lines to post and then disappear again a few months is not the fulfillment. It is a pity that after all the theater the faith has lost (I at least) since it does not convince me. Unfortunately. Even if some can be quiesced here. As I said before, I do not think it's good to think about it, but what is to be done?
  7. Oh. We write the month of September, 5 Month, FIVE MONTH have passed since it was called "End April comes an update" Practically this after a base update of Google the Betas for the next version starts, so you can always say "I have to adjust" As long as I do not officially see what was done at all, I see the whole communicated as a last step still make some money. Slowly makes me the whole really sour, you pay money and is faked for it And it 's not about the few euros but about the fact that you can Say what you want, so a behavior is just embarrassing. I would be ashamed of peop
  8. I do not think so That would be too fast. After all, his last planned date was April, since the word no longer, now is almost September. This is still an update comes I believe for a long time no longer. But I've been upset about such a poor behavior long enough, now I can only laugh about it.
  9. Such statements are generally true, but if someone repeatedly promises and does not adhere to anything and does not say a word to it makes the unbelievable and that is fact,I myself developed long complete Roms with and always tried to inform users. Who in three months is not able to give a statement why again no update came Has simply no desire and no interest in the community. I call that disrespectful of paying customers. But now I am annoyed no more, I find it rather amusing. Good night.
  10. Again six weeks later, no posting, no update nothing. Would not it be so miserable I could almost laugh about it. I am a man who says what he thinks but here I really miss the words. Just embarrassing and regrettable that one so the People ****ed. Thanks again to the Mod andrewilley, you've done your best.
  11. What should he post, next lie of some updates? I have long tried to show understanding but i feel Only ripped.
  12. 10 Day's after end of May I thought, I'll see if a miracle happened :); But as expected, nothing. Meanwhile, I also pretty much do not care, I find this ignorance and the stalking of the users Just unbelievable. In 45 years something like that (in terms of software) has not happened yet. But actually every word is too much.
  13. I'm disappointed. I run a security service in private life, if I imagine I would just as well with my clientele, we would already be broke. "Yes, tonight we provide them 6 staff, but can also be that no one comes" I do that once and tomorrow I can register insolvency. Most people paid for the app and it does not matter if you paid 1 cent or 100 euros, it is about the prinziep, I can not hold monthly people, then I call a period "May", there is no update, nothing Except silence and nothing. This is a behavior for which I have no understanding, perhaps I am just too old for
  14. @Andre Without The negative to you opposite, I know that you are always trying. I do not like it. It just covers the reality. The fact is unfortunately, again a statement, again not complied. Sad .
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