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  1. I didn't actually know that some of my artwork was of such high resolution until recently. The website that I use to get artwork from usually gives 1500×1500 resolution, sometimes less. Plus, the quality difference is slightly visible on the PC.
  2. I realized that Poweramp doesn't recognize tags (other than Track title and Album title) and embedded album art, if the album art is of a high resolution like 3000×3000. (I first edit track/album tags and embed album art using Musicbee on the PC, then copy it to my phone.) When I embedded a 1500×1500 cover art using Musicbee, Poweramp was able to read all tags and display album art perfectly. Hope this helps. All my songs are stored on a micro sd card.
  3. 1. Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J700F) 2. Android 6.0.1 (Stock rom). 3. Hi-Res works good with wired headphones and speakers. But it sound weird when using Bluetooth. Is it because it's wireless? Is this natural? audio_policy.conf
  4. 1. Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J700F) 2. Android 6.0.1 (Stock ROM) 3. It works for wired headphones/headsets. Haven't tried with USB DAC. Very unclear music with Bluetooth headphones and speaker. I've shared the audio_policy.conf file, though I don't know what it means ?. audio_policy.conf
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