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  1. I completely agree with this request. i have finally upgraded my phone to something half decent, have found my external hard drive and uploaded a shed load of tunes to Poweramp amd cant set any of them as a ringtone. the in built ringtones in the phone are shite! its a very a basic option within a complex application. Surely you can fit it in somewhere 😀
  2. I have cleaned the card again. Within My computer, I try to format the card and it says its unable to complete the format. I look at the card and the folder that my music is stored in and try to delete the files. All but one album disappears. When I install the card back in the phone ALL the music is there. I've tried so many times to format the card when in the phone but nothing happens.
  3. downloaded the zip extractor, ran the program. noticed that the log was saying every now and then that the card was corrupted. when the 'verify' was finished I managed to delete the music files from sd card from within My Computer. Stuck the SD card back in the phone, hooked it up to the comp, looked at it within My computer and the files are still showing and I can't get rid of them again because it's still saying the files are write protected
  4. yep. I downloaded it on my comp which runs Windows OS7 but doesn't work. Again, I appreciate your efforts to help
  5. Hi, Yeah looked for that but no obvious slider tab! Thanks for your efforts Andre
  6. I have just found a SD card adaptor. Plugged it in to comp, backed it up, went to format and...............Windows cannot format this disc! JESUS!!!!!!!
  7. I have linked the card to the comp and there is nothing I can do with it. I can see it, see the files within etc but can't format it
  8. OK, I will try your suggestion. I have an 500gb external portable hard drive. All my tunes are on there. I got them on the hard drive simply by using Windows Media Player. Then I would then drag and drop the tunes onto my SD card. My previous phone was a Samsung A3 and I purchased a SD for that and had no problems whatsoever. I have since had that stolen and in January of this year bought a Samsung J3. Obviously I had to buy a new SD card. I dragged and dropped tunes into the 16gb SD card and everything was going fine until, when finished I noticed that some of the music was missing within ce
  9. No. I just adjusted the settings within camera so that it should save photos to the memory card. I took a photo and it said it couldn't save to the memory card and will now save it to internal memory
  10. I installed EsExplorer from play store and it can't delete the files. I might just buy a new SD card
  11. I've rigged up my phone to my pc via a USB lead. I can obviously see my card within the computer panel. I locate the mp3 files, select them but when I try to delete them, the message "cannot delete files. write protected. you need to change the protection" WHICH I CAN'T!!!!! I've uploaded and deleted these albums before on other phones so no problems before.
  12. Excuse my ignorance but how do I link up my SD to a USB lead? I've USB leads but I the SD card doesn't fit in any of them! And what right does Google have to lock my SD card in the first place? Surely that's an infringement of some of my rights? It's my own personally bought card from a shop!!!!!
  13. I did that. The music disappeared from Poweramp. Rang 3 because the files were still lurking on my phone and could play them through Google Play services. Hung up on them cos they were very patronising but that's another matter. However, the files are now back on Poweramp! And I still can't delete them from my phone using the computer! This is very baffling!
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