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  1. I think it will be released 16 April. The last update (Poweramp v3 (ALPHA-3 test builds 703 / 704) is also released on 16 April. But I don't know this is only my thought
  2. it will come one day, we should have patient. even though it takes very long. But that's how it goes if you develop it by your own from the ground part and need to have it work and responsive on all devices
  3. which version of Poweramp do you use. beceause by me it says "update needed" sony skin 1.8
  4. XD "he said he plans to release a beta test of the new Material interface in March" mid june already
  5. true, but i still recommend you to listen .wav instead of .flac beceause flac is a compressed version of .wav for 30% butt there isn't a big difference between them. as you said there is indeed a huge difference between these formats mp3/wav/flac but on the upperhand, if you have crappy speakers or headphones you won't reconise the difference to.
  6. sadly, still no update from Max. hope there will be more information this week about the progress
  7. Ah okay that's sounds great but if i readed it right than it will be something like a complete redesign right? or only a Material design look. Both is awesome tbh beceause yeah material design is awesome <3. Last question: would it be done or do you think if it would be done in one of these days?
  8. will this update need to be installed manually like an .APK or On the Play Store?
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