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  1. Thanks again for all the suggestions, info and help, all the best Andre!
  2. Oh wow.. I kept moving things around and importing, and it worked!! I got some of my literally 20 hrs of work back, just have to re-rate the tracks. Thanks Andre! I do hope PA starts to save the star rating, not sure why it doesn't after this long and new versions.
  3. I've put both of those missing playlist files into all the music/playlist folders, then tried to import (by selected 'import system library playlists', is there another way to import these?) PA adds one playlist file that's in some song folder somewhere but never the best2016 playlist, so confusing... I didn't do anything differently than last time. Im confused on why PA says the 'top' playlist is a file based playlist and best2016 isn't. Not sure what the difference is.
  4. Hi André Yes, i did export the playlists, the two files in the es screenshot (best2016). Do those files contain the necessary information of which 758 songs were in the top rated library? The playlist, called top, was created the same way several years ago (I've been a paid user for years) and it was retained and shows songs inside, what worries me is that the best2016 playlist shows up in the list but says 0 songs inside ?
  5. So i use the star rating system to organize my tracks like most people, i then went into the top rated library and created a playlist to save my 758 songs that i painstakingly reviewed. Some time later i removed the sd card and made some changes but never touching the music folder. When i went back to Poweramp my top rated library was empty, and though the playlist i saved is still there, there are 0 tracks in it. PLEASE tell me i can get my 758 tracks back into a folder! Help someone! ?
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