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  1. In future would like to have it... Like in Neutron. They fixed it already even if the program have some issues in other features when I tryed it. Please read what a Dy-Eq is before you replay, if you.
  2. A dynamic eq is one thing... And what you need is another... I think
  3. I look and tried the eq again... Are you sure the app have An Dynamic EQ...?? I just see a limiter and an grafic eq with tones?? Will write in Another forum:
  4. Ok.. thans for the information. Im quite new with PA. I guess I did a good deal with this apo in any case. The most importabt is the sound. The phone is almost always in my pocket.
  5. I meant the dynamic eq/iimiter in Neutron...
  6. Im trying again with the new version. The audio quality is very good like in the v2 if I not use the new effect reverb (sounds horrible) Why to have it....???. A limiter like in Neutron would be very much better to have. My battery life is longer when I stream videos from YT then when using the milkdrops... ;(
  7. I rolled back to v2 because in my opinion it sounds better too. Cant see the point to update if I will not use milk.
  8. Milkdrop visualizations make my battery level drops very fast. It is a bug?? It's not, why to use them??
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