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  1. I would just prefer only a star as a "Favorite" since I don't see the need for a dislike option, I only used the 5 star or thumbs up so I could just go into top rated and shuffle my music I have rated, I never put less than 5 stars or put a thumbs down on a song I didnt like I just didnt rate it, so I would like to see a star as favorite would make more sense
  2. Are there any plans to get Poweramp to work with Google assistant integration in the future btw? And if there is any way to get Google assistant to work with Poweramp as of now
  3. Awesome! Thanks for taking your time to answer, looking forward to it?
  4. Max, I really like the app, is there a way to change the default sorting in albums, I usually have it by artists but it does it by album name by default and always goes back to it whenever my phone restarts, anyone know a solution?
  5. Max do you think you can work in Google assistant integration so when I say google play music it can play songs in Poweramp
  6. Can anyone tell me why Poweramp pauses when using the volume dial knob in my car connection via Bluetooth and if there's a fix for it?
  7. Okay I've been looking forward to the feature full beta release! Thanks for responding
  8. Does anyone know if V3 is still scheduled for end of May/Beginning of June release date?
  9. Does anyone know why when I change an albums embedded album cover to one I downloaded and applied through Poweramp the album cover shows as blank or as the embedded one when it's supposed to be showing the downloaded one? I've been having this problem, I'm on 705 right now because I want my playlists
  10. I don't know if I'm reading this correctly or if the new beta with full features will be released soon, after the Alpha was updated yesterday I was confused
  11. Wait the feature complete update was for the old version? I thought it was for V3 before full release
  12. Max said he would put out a full feature beta before he releases the full version 3.0, unless the bugs draw back the release date, I'm still looking forward to later this month if everything works out, end of May beginning of June deadline for full release is awesome
  13. Does anyone know if Max is going to be releasing the full featured beta at the end of May as well or if he's releasing it middle of May and then releasing full V3 at the end of May/beginning of June like he said?
  14. I would assume so, but on the full version 3.0 release not in beta, people other than Max will be creating their own themes as well so you might be getting more variety as well, V3 is estimated to be end of May beginning of June release date as of right now
  15. This does not seem to be bug reporting but more of personal aesthetic changing to your liking, please wait for final version skins to apply to change the aesthetic of the app, we are mostly testing performance right now to help out with any bugs that have not been fully ironed out yet as we reach closer to full Version 3.0 release
  16. The gestures are made to easier use the controls on your phone without having to specifically reach to a specific place since you can use the gestures anywhere, especially with bigger phones gestures should make things easier, I don't know how swiping left and right is hard to do with one hand, but everyone has their preference I suppose, looking forward to the next update with full features hoping May deadline is correct!
  17. Max said themes will come later on, right now those skins are for some parts of the settings, I'm really enjoying the sound quality difference, don't know if it's placebo but I feel like there is a big difference in quality for me lol
  18. Hey I don't know if this feature was mentioned yet, but under the seekbar if you press the letters where it tells you the sound format, it can be changed to show you the sound output, the music folder, or even show the next song that will be playing ! Hope this helps anyone still finding features
  19. Has anyone tested if Beta works well on Android Auto? And I agree I think there should be 1 star or a 1 heart option instead of thumbs up, I really don't think anyone uses the thumbs down option, and whenever I used the star system before I just put every song I liked at 5 stars
  20. For anyone talking about how some features such as tap rated, playlists, etc. Crash the app and don't work is because they aren't implemented yet into the beta, Max confirmed that he currently has a May 2018 deadline for some other features to be implemented before Version 3.0 is released entirely, if you want these features and they are important to you, downgrade to the previous Alpha versions or Google play version stable version.
  21. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20180430T00&p0=166&msg=Poweramp+V3+Beta+Release&font=serif Is this in Russia time?
  22. Well I guess that's the point of the beta, maybe all the help from the tests will help everyone understand where the problems are starting and ending so Max could maybe find solutions faster than he might have before by just searching himself
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