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  1. Excellent reply, thank you. Actually I use flac files but I see mp3tag works with those too. I'll download it and have a play. Looks like it will do just what I want. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks. Any thoughts on my other question?
  3. Hi. Ive digitised a cassette tape recording of an album. I have put the tracks in a folder and named that folder with the album name. Each track in the folder has the track name. When I call it up in Poweramp, each track shows 'unknown artist'. How can I assign the artist name to the whole album? I see how I can do this on a per track basis but not for the whole album. Sorry, second question - does Poweramp automatically search for album art or do i have to instigate it each time i add a new album or music to my tab? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. It seems a pity that i'm restricted to using the internal sound device for sources other than stored music. What would google music support allow me to do?
  5. As the title says, is it possible to use Poweramp as the audio device for listening to sources other than stored music - eg listening to bbc iplayer tv or radio? Thanks.
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