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  1. Now that youtube music fixed the problem with the sessions, is it still recommended to keep the ADB trick? or should I disable it? Poweramp equializer app still shows "this app has a known bug" message in the youtube music app
  2. After I installed the Poweramp equalizer the youtube music app EQ does not work anymore. I uninstalled the Poweramp eq app and still the ytm eq does not do anything. Maybe the ADB command for the installation of the Poweramp app eq broke something?? I dont know how to solve this
  3. Thanks, now it works!! lets see how is the battery with this eq. Poweramp is a really good player with little battery consumption. Hope it is the same with the eq app @maxmp purchased the unlock version. THANK YOU
  4. pixel 5 and youtube music app here. I cannot see the youtube music app in the "known players" section. Is there any workaround to get it works? Should I do the trick with the ADB command? Thanks
  5. Hi, I am in the version 797 of the beta. The Poweramp service is taking a lot of battery in idle, more than whasapp for example. The wackelock detail is this: "com.maxmpz.audioplayer.player.Playerservice temp" I know there is an option in settings to keep the service, it is uncheck but the service is still loaded. Any help?
  6. For any reason the Poweramp service drains a lot of battery (when Poweramp is on idle, not using it) , more than whatsapp for example. I dont understand why is so much power consuming. Is there any option in the settings to get it more battery friendly?. I repeat is only when I am not using the player (the app is open in the background and the service is running) The only choice is to close Poweramp app? I dont remember this was happening in previous versions of the beta...
  7. Hi, nice beta, I just found a bug with the headset ( I dont know if is my phone or the app) but the sound and the new skin is superb!! I have a Mi4c with miui8 (android 7.0). My headset is the xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD. So the problem comes with the mid button of the headset. I can play the music for 20-30mins with no problems but when I pause or dobleclick in the mide button of the Hybrid pro, after that, something happens and the phone start to get really really hot (and of course the battery start to drain really fast). The only solution for me is to not touch the mid button of the headset or just disable in Poweramp settings the "respond to buttons" option. ( I tried with different options in the wired head set (single press etc) with no lucky. I dont know what happens but this is a conflict with Miui and Poweramp
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