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    Functionaly + stable tools for daylie sparing of real work & live recources getting commercial propagaded "Customer Solutions and Satisfaction" without home-users nerv-explosions !!! So if you can't, deliver ask your house-doctor or apotheker about tabletts by diagnostisized "Logic-Legasthenic" !
  1. THAT's it what I meen - exactly point to point =>> Small errors cause great effects !!! So, it seems to be << Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com >> RIGHT ? =>> BEST THANKS for HELP (time & nerv ;-) !!!
  2. Sorry - without optical signs like <<....eMail xy....>> or [...eMail....] - I couldn't recognize the whole adress like your last response : "Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.co" - so what's now - I think << Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com >> Look : Small errors cause great effects !!! BEST THANKS for HELP (time & nerv ;-) !!!
  3. THANKS "andrewilley" ;-) Also I'll repeat : "BEST THANKS... right now - I'll have.... =>> look above my quoted note =>> WHAT HAPPENS right now forwarding to get that again payed "Poweramp Unlocker" forwarding with this integrated "Payment-Sytem-Link" to the offered "Global-Pay" up to my "PayPal" account.... =>> Should I send just only theese more than one "Transaktionscodes ....xy...." or also all my "Screenshots I did in the past purchase processes ??? Sending to << Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com >> or << maxmpz@gmail.com >> THAT's not clear..... Also it's not clear, what I do with the still installed app from "Poweramp" + "Poweramp Unlocker" Installation into my actually "Samsung Galaxy S7" =>> should I de-install that inside the android-menü or should I "over-install" this meentime new downloaded "Poweramp" Version without any received "....unlocker.apk" file or APP - what I still waiting for until today !? Even it's also hard to understand any non-understanding "FUQ" or "How To" - translations without a "Step-by-Step" menue or manual how forwarding after purchasing infront before any user problems arise !!! I'll repeat : "BEST THANKS for your help - becomming easier usability functionality ...*apk APP's / Tools / a.s.o.
  4. Andre - BEST THANKS - right now - I'll have understood : Meentime i'll had payed the FOURTH TIME (4.time) a few days before onto this Poweramp.com homepage =>> GlobalPray =>> upto my "PrayPal" account.... On 2017-04-04 I got the confirmation message from "PayPal" about my payment with the Transaktionscode ....xy.... =>> SO - UP to THAT DATE I'm still waiting an eMail from "Poweramp.com delivery-service for a download-link or s.e. to that rubished "Unlocker V.xy.amk" file to transfer it on my newest "Samsung S7" WITHOUT ANY SPY-ACCOUNT like "BING / BANG" Google-Pray" or Amazone" or s.e. !!! UN-USASBILITY FACT-SHIT : 1.) The Licence Registration / Payment-Code or named like something else doesn't will be integrated prpgrammed in this "Unlocker" equal if that "Non Consumer Solution" will be payer & delivered through "Google-Pray-Store" or through this Poweramp.com / "Global-Pay" webside =>> THAT solution up today will be rubish for normal "Home-Users" !!! 2.) Until today I'll have invested against hours of hours - loosing my private time & livestyle quality - I just could not found any informations in german, how forwarding STEP-by-STEP - how to get "Poweramp full-version" WITHOUT e.g. "Google-Account" after order and payment confirmation.... 3.) I can prove all past purchase processes with the help of screenshots ! So, I expect a compensation from the supplier or manufacturer as I have not ordered an annual subscription !!! BEST REGARDS !!!
  5. Thanks for kindly response - but look : Indeed my "Poweramp Unlocker Licence" ist out "Google PlayStore" / my Google account - during the past I've used all devices connected and syncronizied with theese account - so re-downloading and installing these "Full-Version-Unlocker" out of "PlayStore" forwarding my devices wasn't realy problematical - but right now - infront this topic I have had downloaded theese "Poweramp" Shareware App as an ...*apk file out from an APK hosted Download-Pool and installed it mistakenly into my actual Samsung S7 (rembember : This device will be NEVER registered by Google's "Analytic Spy-Store", Fakebook, Instagramm, Wish & paste WhatsUp or s.o.) over the previously installed "Poweramp" and "Unlocker" App's - witch cames some time bevor out of "PlayStore" through "Sony's Xperia L" - after that through "Samsung's S2" (still up to the time all registered by Google's Analytic-Tools) after that syncronized from older S2 to the actually S7 with Samsung's Tool "Smart-Switch" - that worked (by Samsung very rare) in best satisfaction - by the way - without gangled "Google or other accounts" !!! Until to here it will be clear displained - or not.... So I'm afraid to lose the license if I do what I'd like to do - delete / deinstalling everything named "Poweramp" !!! Fact : I will NOT register this S7 by any else accounts to sniffle comfortably my "Free-Big-Data" - hostings by myself - not like a "Free-gratis-Invest" to any "Social-Commercial-Communities" => Switch on your brain - it seems I will be an un-commercial non-profit terrorist against "Global Player" !!! If there's no other way - I would search download and install on the LAST a "Poweramp....*.APK file on the actually "Samsung S7" and 'll order by 3. time theese rubish "Full-Version Unlocker" out from Poweramp.com and 'll scrabbel myself through there's "Global BitCoin" paymend services but only accepting PayPal - nothing else !!! But last not least - i'll having an order-ID - generated during ordering process - so I'd not be ammused it I've to pay & pray by 4.time !!! It must be - better - it has to be user friendlier / more usability to look into his administrative acts f.e. receipts for "State Tax-Office" o.s.e. If that constructors administration will be lazzy - that also doesn't works - I'll take my old Sony mp3 Player faster & easier like that rubbish - back to the roots - back to future !? So - If you'll having an idea practizing step-by-step, than give me please an response.... BEST REGARDS + THANKS for understanding until today (Sufferers since "Microschrott" Win-95a-b-c Updates) !!! PS.: The function underneeth "Drag files here to attach..." doesn't works correct and usability - typical MS "Mickysoft Multiple-Sklerose" tools - the following message is displayed continuously : "...you will be able to upload max. 561,xy KB...." = my choosen screenshot ...*.jpg is round 146KB = this works even for garbagge !?
  6. Hey ! How I can change the "Poweramp Unlocker" today - ordered with the id 1663372 + payed 4,75 $ through PayPal account "Haertel-LTG(ät)...." + installed by the first act through "Google's PlayStore" account "Datensaugerschrott(ät)....." at 2013-08-19 on my ...very very old HTC - but meentime I've changed and also installed through "Google's Spy-Store" to 2 other old Handy's ("Sony Xperia L" after that "Samsung S2" also registered by "Google-Spy-Store") - right now to my actually "Samsung S7" WITHOUT any account to any online "Spy-Store" like Google, Samsung or other NSA ord BND or something else ??? So - easier history for better understanding : at the 1.) I have had ordered + payed through "PlayStore" on 2013-08-19 payed by PayPal account "Haertel-LTG(ät)...." = 4,75 $ installed by PlayStore account "Datensaugerschrott(ät)...." After changing my handy to a newer modell - also registered by "PlayStore" I received your "Poweramp Full-Version Unlocker" Lizens-Problem - so at the 2.) I have had ordered + payed through "PlayStore" on 2016-08-16 - also I payed once more by PayPal account "Haertel-LTG(ät)...." = 3,99 € and installed the second time on my changed newer Handy by PlayStore account "Datensaugerschrott(ät)....." at the 3.) After changin up to a newer Handy modell I have had ordered + payed (I believe also by your offered "GlobalPay / PayPal" ) through your homepage << www.Poweramp.com >> the 3.time and installed it also on my next changed-up newer Handy right now without PlayStore account - but your "pre-installed Poweramp Full-Version Unlocker" shows the same "License-Problem" like bevore.... !!! SO - HOW often I've to order and pay once more in future, to get a stable functionally version of your complicational "unlocker" tool what can't save into these APP, what kind + date of payments bevore the user has practiziesed bevore !!! (if you hav'nt an idea - than looke at the same programmer-technic like "cookie" ;-) By the way - may be, I have to delete or to de-install one or the other "PowerAmpf-File" in my none-rooted actually Samsung-S7 - but which one - and how - after that : What to "re-install" or better a "Hard-Reset" of my Android V.6.... ??? PLEASE send me a "STEP-by-STEP" manual to find a satisfied "user-sollution" best in GERMAN because my english / russish / chineese / afrikans / a.s.o. will be worse ;-) PLEASE request ONLY to theese topic THANKS !!!
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