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  1. Same for me. It´s such a great player, but Ratings Sync is an important feature to me. I come from I-Phone, so I´m still using iTunes for my music-file-organisation. Also I changed to Android I like iTunes as well and I don´t want to use another program. So I bought iSyncr, cause it seems the best opinion to sync my iTunes files. It works great, also the ratings Sync with Player pro or Rocket player. I like Power Amp more than every other players I´ve tried so far, but music and rating-management in 2 different Apps is a no-go, so I´m forced to use the Player Pro. The better Android gets, the more users will Change from iPhone to Android. Isyncr will be used by most of these changers like me I think, so there might be a lot more paying customers for your great Player, if there will be an embedded isyncr ratings-sync support i think.
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